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The Resistance Tour was a tour that took place between October 2009 and August 2011 in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia in support of the album The Resistance.


Stage Set-Up

Stage Set-Up for The Resistance tour

The towers. Three towers.

Typical setlist

Encore 1


  • Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 (Overture) was used as the opener on the second night of the tour at Stockholm. It is suspected that this was due to a technical issue with the towers. It would be used as an opener a few more times in the tour, mostly towards the end.
  • The other two movements of Exogenesis were never played during the tour. Part 3 (Redemption) would be played once during the following tour, leaving Part 2 (Cross-Pollination) as one of the few studio tracks to never be played live, a title previously held only by Falling Away With You.
  • Unintended was occasionally played before Helsinki Jam.
  • During the Amnéville-les-Thermes gig, Nishe was played before United States of Eurasia. It would remain for the vast majority of the tour.
  • On rare occasions, Unnatural Selection replaced Map of the Problematique, Stockholm Syndrome closed the main set and Plug in Baby was played after Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 (Overture).
  • MK ULTRA made it's live debut at Birmingham. It would make regular appearances throughout the rest of the tour, replacing, or being played in addition to, Guiding Light.
  • Butterflies & Hurricanes was played at the Turin gig after Hysteria, as was Sunburn which replaced Cave / Feeling Good. Both would make rare appearances throughout the remainder of the Resistance tour.


A string of gigs were performed in South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong in early 2010. Despite a few minor mutations in the placement of certain songs in the set, the performances were similar to those of the European leg. However there were some (notable) exceptions.

  • Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 (Overture) was not played in Seoul.
  • Bliss was played for the first time on the tour at Osaka, replacing Stockholm Syndrome. It would make rare appearances throughout the rest of the tour.
  • Citizen Erased debuted at the Nagoya gig, also replacing Stockholm Syndrome. Like Bliss, it would show up from time to time.
  • During the Tokyo gig Can't Take My Eyes Off You was played for the first time since 2002. Dead Star also made it's tour debut at this gig with the Micro Cuts ending riff replacing the second half. They replaced MK ULTRA and Stockholm Syndrome.
  • Dead Star was played again at the Hong Kong gig, also with the Micro Cuts riff at the end. This is the last time Dead Star would be seen until The 2nd Law Tour in 2013.

A series of festival dates in Australia and New Zealand took place between the Japan and Singapore gigs. Despite some oddities in the order of the setlist, these were identical to previous gigs, albeit shorter.

North America + Mexico

There were very few changes on this leg of the tour. However,

European Festival + Stadium tour

Stage Set-Up for The Resistance Stadium tour

A small gig for competition winners was performed in Paris. This gig marked the debut performances of both I Belong To You and Neutron Star Collision.

Setlist polls were organised by Muse's management on the official Muse website, allowing fans to vote for the top 5 songs they wanted to hear at each gig. Not all of their repertoire was included in this, however. Dead Star, and some other tracks were absent. In many cases only one or two of the top 5 songs were played. In some cases none were played. Due to the popularity of Citizen Erased and Bliss in these polls, they both made very regular appearances throughout the tour.

Take a Bow made it's tour debut at Stade de Suisse.

Stadium Tour Setlist

  • We Are The Universe (Riot Version)
  • Uprising
  • Supermassive Black Hole
  • New Born
  • Map of the Problematique / MK ULTRA
  • Neutron Star Collision / Butterflies & Hurricanes
  • Guiding Light
  • Interlude + Hysteria
  • Nishe
  • United States Of Eurasia
  • I Belong To You
  • Feeling Good
  • MK Jam + Undisclosed Desires
  • Resistance
  • Starlight
  • Time is Running Out
  • Unnatural Selection
Encore 1
  • Unintended / Soldier's Poem
  • Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 (Overture)
  • Stockholm Syndrome
Encore 2
  • Take A Bow
  • Plug In Baby
  • Knights of Cydonia


Festival Tour Setlist

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