Mexico City Foro Sol 2010 (gig)

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The setlist
Backstage at Foro Sol
Dom and Chris rehearsing
Beer Seller and the Towers
Matt Twitter Pic
Muse show
Venue Foro Sol[source?] [en: Sun Forum]
Date 20th April 2010[source?]
Location Mexico City[source?]
Country Mexico
Songs 19[source?]
Support Rey Pila[source?]
Start (UTC-5) 21:00[source?]
Capacity 55,000 (concerts)[1]
Price (MXN) 250–1100[2]
Sold out? Unknown

Rumours of Muse performing inside Auditorio Telmex on the 24th of April had appeared by mid-December.[3] Subsequently, a date within Foro Sol was announced in January 2010. At the beginning of Uprising, Matt was wearing glasses which were gone by the time they started playing Resistance. During Uprising, Matt pointed a couple of times a multicolored laser at the audience. After Hysteria Matt took a picture of the audience with his iPhone and said "It's Twitter time". The picture was latter added to Muse's Twitter account. Dom asked to get out celular phones and igniter at Starlight, after this song Matt also gift a great smile and said "¡México ustedes son la mejor!" (You are the best!)[4], even after MK Ultra because the crowd was rocking. Matthew did the shuffle dance during Time Is Running Out and let the audience sing the first chorus. He also made his trademark dance during Plug in Baby. Chris threw his harmonica to the audience after Man with a Harmonica. For Knights of Cydonia, Matt wore a Mexican flag with 'The Resistance' written on it. Dom was the last member of the band to address the audience before leaving the stage. He said "Los amamos México. We love you guys. You guys are fucking insane, amazing. We love you. Thank you so much. It's great to see you. Cheers, see you later."

Price details

  • General A: 880
  • General B: 550
  • Verde A: 1100
  • Naranja A: 650
  • Verde B: 450
  • Naranja B: 330
  • Verde C: 250



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