London O₂ Arena 2009 - 12th (gig)

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Exogenesis: Overture
Seated ticket
Christopher Wolstenholme
Red Glitter Manson
Helsinki Jam
Dominic Howard
Muse show
Venue O2 Arena[1][2]
Date 12th November 2009[1][2]
Location London[1][2]
Country United Kingdom
Songs 20[source?]
Support The Big Pink[3]
Start (UTC) 19:30[2][4], 18:30[4] (doors)
Capacity 20,000[source?]
Price (GBP)
  • 41.25*[4] »
  • *excluding "transaction fee"—2.00, 4.80[4]
Sold out? Yes[4]

This concert was part of the European leg of "The Resistance" tour, announced on the 1st of June.[1] Fan pre-sale information and links were announced on the 3rd of June.[5] Pre-sale took place on the 4th[5] and general sale started the following day.[1] Both pre-sale and general sale sold out, the latter in its first day.[source?]

On playing songs from "The Resistance" live, Dominic Howard stated that learning to do so "should take a while!"[6] and Rehearsals started on the 19th of July.[7] On the 22nd, musewire readers were told to "expect an 8" stone 'enge" for The Resistance tour's stage design.[8]

During the interval between The Big Pink and Muse, a Mexican wave was started by Muse forum and MuseWiki staff, led by moderator Olly and MuseWiki owner Crazybobbles. The wave began in block N where the aforementioned people were situated and progressed anti-clockwise through the VIP suites behind the stage. The start of Muse's performance was delayed due to the concert inside the Royal Albert Hall for Children in Need, earlier the same day.[source?] During Plug In Baby, Matthew Bellamy went to sing the second verse at the back of the stage for the people sitting behind however the microphone wasn't on and instead he walked around the stage leaving the crowd to sing on their own. Balloons were released during said song and afterwards the band waited for them to be popped, making various sounds on their instruments.


After Headup riff Bellamy "Good evening London! Oh yes.... Howa' you guys feeling? It's great to be home, to be here".
After Who Knows Who riff "Thank you very much".
Howard Hey, how's it going out there London? It's a great pleasure to see you guys again".
After Supermassive Black Hole "Cheers!"
After Guiding Light Bellamy "Thank you very much".
After United States of Eurasia "Hey!"
After Starlight Howard "Thank you very much London. You guys are looking great".
After Unnatural Selection Bellamy (Screaming) "Thank you London!"
After Knights of Cydonia "Thank you London, we love you!"
Howard "Thank you very much London, you guys rock. We love you, it was great to see you. See you tomorrow maybe, cheers".


An audience recording in FLAC format is located here[registration needed].



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