Osaka jō Hall 2010 (gig)

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Muse show
Venue Osaka-jō Hall[1] [en: Osaka Castle Hall]
Date 9th January 2010[1]
Location Osaka[1]
Country Japan
Songs 18[source?]
Support -[source?]
Start (UTC+9) 18:00[source?]
Capacity 10,000[source?]
Price (JPY) 7,800[1]
Sold out? Unknown

Announced on the 8th of October along with the following two dates, general ticket sale started on the 15th of October.[1]

The show was due to start 18:00 but was delayed by an hour. The promoter first announced it was because of 'equipment troubles', however, around 18:40, it announced that 'the band is leaving the hotel now, the show starts at 19:00.'

Matthew Bellamy wore a US flag t-shirt and black leather jacket and trousers, Christopher Wolstenholme was in a black T-shirt and trousers, while Dominic Howard wore the same as in Turin. Bellamy appeared on the stage in sunglasses and threw them into the crowd before the Uprising solo.

Bellamy played Supermassive Black Hole solo on the Kaoss Pad using his tongue. Bliss was played for the first time on the Resistance Tour.


After Uprising Bellamy "Konbanwa [en: Good evening] Osaka!"
Howard "Konbanwa... Ah, okurete gomennasai [en: Sorry about being late]... Perfect."
After Map of the Problematique Bellamy "Arigato [en: Thank you]."
After Supermassive Black Hole Howard "Arigato Osaka."
After New Born "It's great to be back in Japan, especially Osaka."
Bellamy "Oh, yes."
After Hysteria "Cheers."
After Bliss "Domo Arigato [en: Thank you very much]."
After United States of Eurasia "Thank you very much."
After Starlight "Arigato... Genki Desuka [en: How're you doing] Osaka? Heeey [laugh]"
After Time Is Running Out "Woo! Arigato! ... Minna saiko [en: You're the best]!"
After Unnatural Selection "Thank you Osaka!"
After Plug In Baby Howard "Arigato Osaka. Thank you very much."
After Knights of Cydonia Bellamy "Thank you Osaka, we love you guys! See you Summer [sic][verify this], Thank you so much. Thank you."
Howard "Arigato Osaka. You guys great [sic][verify this]. We'll see you again, we love you. Cheers!"



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