Glasgow Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre 2009 (gig)

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Muse show
Venue Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre[1][2]
Date 9th November 2009[1][2]
Location Glasgow[1][2]
Country United Kingdom
Songs 17[source?]
Support The Big Pink[3]
Start (UTC) 19:30[2], 18:30[4] (doors)
Capacity 12,500[source?]
Price (GBP)
  • 41.25*[4] »
  • *excluding "transaction fee"[4]
Sold out? Yes[4]

This concert will be part of the European leg of "The Resistance" tour, announced on the 1st of June with general ticket sale starting on the 5th thereof,[1] at 09:00.[2] Fan pre-sale information and links were given on the 3rd[5] and pre-sale sold out on the given day - the 4th[source?].

On playing songs from "The Resistance" live, Dominic Howard stated that learning to do so "should take a while!"[6] and Rehearsals started on the 19th of July.[7] On the 22nd, musewire readers were told to "expect an 8" stone 'enge" for The Resistance tour's stage design.[8]

The band thanked the crowd numerous times during the show, as well as Dom thanking The Big Pink.

This gig was due to be the debut live performance of MK ULTRA but the band decided at the last minute not to play it.

After Map Of The Problematique, Matt said "It's getting hot" and removed his jacket to which the crowd cheered.

After Feeling Good a kilted bagpiper came on stage and began playing. This morphed into the Helsinki Jam. The bagpiper was raised up on Chris' podium during the jam. This was released as part of the 2009 Christmas Present. Two crypic clues were given to lead fans to this (a jar of apricot jam and a picture of glasgow science centre entitled "what" and "where" respectively").

Bellamy let the crowd sing the second chorus of Plug In Baby as well as the first pre-chorus and part of the chorus in Time Is Running Out.

The balloons were released during Plug In Baby.

After Knights of Cydonia, Howard said to the fans, "Cheers Scotland, see you's next Summer!" Possibly a hint towards T In The Park 2010.


An audience recording is located here.



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