Nishe (song)

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Muse song
Name Nishe
Album/single Unintended CD2 (2)
Length 2:44
Alternative titles -
First live performance 6th January 2000 (full), 17th May 1999 (riff)
Latest live performance 6th August 2011
Recorded 1999
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer Unknown



A mellow, instrumental B side that has been played regularly live.

The bass-line bears some similarity to the bass part of Rage Against the Machine's "Without A Face" and to Radiohead's "Climbing up the Walls". The slow, somber bass and drum combination is also reminiscent of Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb".


"Nishe" was sometimes played before "Overdue". It was played often during the first half of January 2000 and semi-occasionally until mid-February when the song was dropped from setlists. Due to a lack of known setlists between late-February and April 2000 it is entirely possible that the song was played up until then. It was played regularly during The Resistance tour, whilst Matthew Bellamy's piano was being wheeled on stage in darkness for "United States of Eurasia". In the latter half of The Resistance tour, Matt joined in on piano while Morgan provided extra sound effects not heard on the album version. During the song, the fan passport-style photos were being displayed on-screen starting off in a mosaic to form the Muse logo then filling up the entire screen.

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