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Muse song
Name Cave
Length 4:45
Alternative titles Nova Scotia
First live performance Unknown (guitar)
4th September 2009 (piano)
Latest live performance 28th November 2001 (guitar)
17th July 2010 (piano)
Recorded 1998, 1999
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer John Leckie, Paul Reeve (Muse EP)
Chart position 52



One of the first songs Muse ever recorded, first appearing on the Muse EP. Cave was written sometime around 1996, although it possibly originated earlier than that. It was subsequently re-recorded and released as a single before featuring on Showbiz. The versions on the Muse EP and Showbiz differ.

"Cave" was known as Nova Scotia before the release of the Muse EP.[1]

Matthew Bellamy: "The idea for Cave came from that rubbish American book, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. There's this bit about how men go into a cave when they get stressed and I think that's probably true, although, personally, I tend to let it out. I did have a bit of a tantrum in my hotel bathroom last night - but I managed to repair the toilet, so that's OK."[2]

On a performance of the song at Melbourne ABC Studios in 2000, Matt says at the beginning of the performance that the song is "About an old friend of mine...he's not a friend anymore". The remix of Cave was not made by Muse themselves, it was done by Mushroom when they were out of the country. Matt apologized for the remix's poor quality.[3]

"Cave" is featured in the soundtrack for the film Little Nicky.


"Cave" is notable for its multiple modulations. The verses are written in D minor, as is the main riff which liberally uses the blues note (diminished fifth) and minor second for a flavor of the D locrian scale. The chorus modulates to G minor, evidenced by the Dm-D-Gm progression. Finally, the outro is in D major and resolves on that chord. These demonstrate Matt's early grasp on classical techniques and his ability to use them effectively.


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Cave appears in both known full setlists from 1997 and 1998. Based on this, as well as its frequency during 1999 and 2000, it can be assumed to have been played at nearly every gig during this time period. By the end of 2001, however, Matt had become tired of the song. Bellamy disliked playing the song live[4] due, firstly, to it being an old song[4] and, secondly, to the chorus being difficult to sing.[4] The band cited in an interview with a fan circa 2004 that Cave was a song they were sick of playing live. Despite this, it was played for the first time in 8 years at Teignmouth and following gigs a half step down on piano instead of guitar. It continued to make rare appearances during 2009 and two performances in 2010 before being dropped again.


Leave me alone, it's nothing serious.

I'll do it myself, it's got nought to do with you And there's nothing you could do.

You can see it and you can almost hear it too, You can almost taste it, it's nought to do with you And there's still nothing that you could do.

So come in my cave and I'll burn your heart away. Come in my cave, and I'll burn your heart away.

Please close your ears and try to look away So you'll never hear a single word I say and don't ever come my way.

Leave me alone, it's nothing serious. I'll do it myself, it's got nought to do with you And there's still nothing you could do.

So come in my cave, and I'll burn your heart away. Come in my cave, and arrest me for my mistakes. Yeah.


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