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About MuseWiki?

MuseWiki is a product of boredom and muse trivia/gossip, it's collection/collector of all things Muse related and will provide support for those who want to get up to date with the band. It has definitely surpassed the stuff on Wikipedia (Muse related of course).

The wiki is an account edit only wiki as we would like to minimise the amount of spam created for this wiki. Apologies for those who would like to edit but don't want to go through the whole registration process. Registering will ensure us that all the users we have are legit and aren't silly spammers talking about online casinos or viagra pills etc.

Musewiki is a semi official wiki - it's fan edited but selected content from it appears on the Official Muse site. This means you have the opportunity to add information to the official site. Keep it constructive though, as all additions are closely monitored in case they are in need of moderating!

Quick History

The wiki was created on the 16th of November 2005 (which was pretty much 1 year after Make note of that date as it will haunt you years later.

The wiki started out as a secret project, a lot of concerns were made with the idea of releasing a wiki with very little information. I wanted to create an awesome impact to everyone as soon as this is released, as well as that, I wanted to create some empty gaps/space for people to go "wait a sec, this thing is wrong!" or "wait a second! they don't have a page on Matt's smelly feet". This meant that a balance of information was required before the launch. I did as much work on my own at first, slowly learning the ways of wikiing. At about 10% complete I released a thread on the Muse Board asking for volunteers to help out on a secret muse project. A lot of people wanted to join and were excited to take part in the whole project. They were all communicated in private about the project and most of them were happy to take part in it.

After a few months of secret wikiing with a small group of people (about 20) I was happy to release and launch MuseWiki to the public. A big fat thread was posted on 1st March 2006 and people were amazed at all the information currently there.

That's pretty much the history of MuseWiki, we now have 4,549 articles on the wiki and will be constantly expanding and updating the wiki as long as Muse provides the goods.

So yeah, hope you enjoyed all of that, but of course, its not about the history of this site, its more about the wikiing, so get in there :D crazybobbles 11:22, 8 March 2006 (GMT)

...but the story doesn't end there. Before the release of Muse's fifth album Muse management made the decision to upgrade the official Muse website. Part of these upgrades included user submitted content, including parts of Musewiki! This meant Musewiki became the first Muse fan site to gain some semi-official status, and now information about Muse releases and gigs appears on the official site along with links back to Musewiki. Niall 11:42, 5 February 2010 (GMT)



  • Musewiki came 40th place in the BT DMA Awards 2007, 3rd highest for Muse unofficial fansites.

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