Charlottesville John Paul Jones Arena 2010 (gig)

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Muse show
Venue John Paul Jones Arena[1]
Date 27th October 2010[1]
Location Charlottesville, VA[1]
Country USA
Songs 16[source?]
Support Metric[source?]
Start (UTC−4) 7:30[source?]
Capacity Unknown
Price (USD) 45.50[source?]
Sold out? Unknown

Announced on the 19th of April 2010, Muse performed inside John Paul Jones Arena in October.[1] A ticket pre-sale for fans began on the 21st of April at 10:00, while general sale started on the 2rd at 10:00.[2]

Matthew Bellamy wore his blue light-up glasses at the beginning of the show, but instead of tossing them into the audience during the first song (Uprising), he waited until the middle of New Born, the third song on the set, to do so. When Bellamy was using his mirror guitars (i.e. Mirror Manson, Casinocaster), he used a stage-mounted white light to shine different sections of the audience with the beam of light reflected off his guitar. He also used his Dickinson Amp to do the same thing during the Man with a Harmonica intro to Knights of Cydonia. The balloons were released during Plug In Baby. However, these balloons kept finding their way to the stage, so Bellamy neglected his singing duties after the second chorus of Plug In Baby to pop balloons with Christopher Wolstenholme.



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