San Diego Viejas Arena 2010 (gig)

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Muse show
Venue Viejas Arena[1][2], San Diego State University[source?]
Date 22nd September 2010[1][2]
Location San Diego, CA[1][2]
Country USA
Songs 18[source?]
Support Passion Pit[source?]
Start (UTC−8) 19:30[2]
Capacity 11,500[source?]
Price (USD) 49.50–59.50[2]
Sold out? Unknown

Announced on the 19th of April 2010, Muse performed inside Viejas Arena in September 2010.[1] A ticket pre-sale for fans spanned from 10:00 to 22:00 on the 21st of April,[2] while general sale started on the 24th at 10:00.[2][3]

Shortly before Muse were due on stage, a man fell down stairs within the arena.[4] The fall broke his nose and several teeth, as well as causing a forehead gash.[5] Along with two girls fainting near the front,[4] this may have caused Muse's late arrival on stage,[4] which occurred some time past 21:00.[6] Lights were kept on while staff cleaned the stairs of blood spilt during the aforementioned accident.[7]



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