Kansas City Speedway 2011 (gig)

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Kanrocksas Music Festival logo
Muse show
Venue Kansas Speedway[1][2] (Kanrocksas Music Festival[1][3]—Main Stage[4])
Date 6th August 2011[4]
Location Kansas City, KS[1][2][5][6]
Country USA
Songs 14[source?]
Support Girl Talk[4]
Start (UTC−7) 23:00[4]
Capacity Unknown
Price (USD) 89.50–359[7][1][8][9]
Sold out? Unknown

Kanrocksas sent out a press release of a forthcoming line-up announcement on the 20th of April[6] and said line-up was revealed on the 25th thereof[5][6]. The Muse Twitter feed announced Muse's appearance six hours beforehand.[3]

"Early bird" pre-sale took place from 10:00 on the 26th until 22:00 on the 29th.[2] VIP tickets went on sale at 10:00 on the 29th[9] while general sale started at 10:00 on the 30th[2].[9]

The festival is intended as an alternative to Lollapalooza, with lower prices and shorter travel distances.[5][6]


  • 23:00–00:30 – Muse
  • 20:30–21:35 – Girl Talk

Price details

Duration Batch Base price (USD) Fees (USD) Total (USD) Sold out?
1 day 25th May–03th June 89.50[7] Unknown
4th June–4th August 99[7]
Same-day 120[7]
VIP 199
2 days 'Early bird' (pre-sale) 159 Yes[10]
Thereafter 179 5[2] 184[2]
Same-day 225 Unknown
VIP 359 10[2] 369[2]
Unknown 420[2] 11.70[2] 431.70[2]



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