Milan Stadio Giuseppe Meazza 2010 (gig)

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San Siro during the gig with the Happy B-Day banner
Parterre ticket
Muse show
Venue Stadio Giuseppe Meazza[1]
Date 8th June 2010[1]
Location Milan, MI[source?]
Country Italy
Songs 23[source?]
Support Kasabian, Friendly Fires, Calibro 35[source?]
Start (UTC+2) 21:15[source?]
Capacity 62,000 (all tiers opened)[source?]
Price (EUR) 63.25, 51.75, 48.30, 41.40, 36.80[source?]
Sold out? Yes[source?]

This concert was announced on the 22nd of November. TicketOne pre-sale started on the 27th of November[1] at 09:00[2] and general sale started on the 30th at 09:00.[2]

As with other 2010 stadia concerts, "Bernie the UFO" was displayed during Exogenesis: Symphony, with an acrobat hung underneath.

The most voted songs on the official setlist polls were Citizen Erased, Bliss, Showbiz, Plug In Baby and Hysteria, the latter two of which were played at the gig.

When asked which was the best date of the tour, Christopher Wolstenholme tweeted (with typo) 'Maybe the San Siro of possibly Old Trafford.' [3]

Coro "Happy B-Day Matt"

Matthew Bellamy with the Happy B-Day balloons

The gig took place the day before Matthew Bellamy's birthday. A 45m-long banner on which was printed "Happy B-Day Matt" was held opposite the stage. According to one attendee: "the banner wasn't printed, it was handmade by fans all over the country with garbage bags (black) and paper for the letters, then assembled at the stadium :D everyone was carrying a bit and it was fun to see it "coming together" during the preshow!"

The crowd sang a happy birthday chorus during the first encore break, during which coloured balloons were present among the crowd. This was organised over a period of six months, through Facebook, YouTube, and a forum, by a group of Italian fans.


A mp3 copy of the performance can be found here



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