Perth Bassendean Oval 2010 (gig)

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Muse show
Venue Bassendean Oval (Steel Blue Oval)[source?]
Date 19th December 2010[source?]
Location Bassendean, Perth, WA[source?]
Country Australia
Songs 18[source?]
Support Biffy Clyro[1]
Start (UTC+8) 20:30[source?]
Capacity 16,000[source?]
Price (AUD) 108[source?]
Sold out? No[source?]

This gig was the last on the Resistance World Tour. Tickets went on sale 7th June, following a fan pre‐sale on the 4th. Biffy Clyro was announced as support act for this concert on 26th of August, as well as for Sydney and Melbourne gigs.

There were some technical difficulties with the large screens either side of the stage. These were eventually fixed during New Born. Matthew Bellamy threw his Red Glitter 2.0 repeatedly at Dominic Howard—who flinched at the end of the post–Stockholm-Syndrome riffs—though it wasn't overly damaged. Balloons were released during Plug In Baby. While playing War Within a Breath, Bellamy performed the "tripod" move which Tom Morello used during Rock am Ring. In an interview with MTV [watch], Bellamy described this move as "out of this world".


After New Born Bellamy "Good evening Perth! How you guys doing?"
Before Bliss Bellamy "We're gonna play an old song now."
After Hysteria Bellamy "Thanks very much."
Before Starlight Howard "I tell you what, you guys are very loud when you sing, probably in loudest in the whole of Australia, definitely the loudest this tour. Let's see if you can keep it up for the next one, I'm sure you can."
After Knights of Cydonia Bellamy "Thank you Perth, thank you Australia, we love you guys!"
Howard "Thank you Perth, we love you guys, you guys rock! Thank you so much, we'll definitely see you again, thank you, cheers!"


  1. Uprising (riff version) [watch]
    (Manson Mirror, Status Original Series II)
  2. Resistance [watch]
    (Manson M1D1 Black, black Status S2-Classic)
  3. New Born + Headup riff [watch]
    (Manson Red Glitter 2.0, walnut Status S2-Classic)
  4. Map of the Problematique + Who Knows Who riff [watch]
    (Manson Black Midi, Rickenbacker 4003)
  5. Supermassive Black Hole [watch]
    (Manson M1D1 Black, black Status S2-Classic)
  6. Interlude + Hysteria + Back in Black outro [watch]
    (Manson M1D1 Black, black Status S2-Classic)
  7. Guiding Light [watch]
    (Manson M1D1 Black, Status Original Series II)
  8. Bliss (extended) [watch]
    (Manson M1D1 Black, black Status S2-Classic)
  9. Nishe
    (Black Kawai, walnut Status S2-Classic)
  10. United States of Eurasia [watch]
    (Black Kawai, walnut Status S2-Classic)
  11. Feeling Good [watch]
    (Black Kawai, candy tangerine Fender Jazz Bass)
  12. Helsinki Jam [watch]
    (Status The KingBass Mk-II)
  13. Undisclosed Desires [watch]
    (Manson Keytar, Status The KingBass Mk-II)
  14. House of the Rising Sun riff + Time Is Running Out + Power of Soul riff [watch]
    (Manson M1D1 Black, black Status S2-Classic)
  15. Burning Bridges riff + Starlight [watch]
    (Manson 007, chrome Fender Jazz Bass)
  16. Plug In Baby [watch]
    (Manson Mirror, candy tangerine Fender Jazz Bass)
  17. Exogenesis: Symphony Part I (Overture) [watch]
    (Manson Red Glitter 2.0, Gibson Grabber)
  18. Stockholm Syndrome + Township Rebellion riff + Negative Creep riff + Agitated riff + Killing in the Name solo + War Within a Breath riff + Endless Nameless riff [watch]
    (Manson Red Glitter 2.0, black Status S2-Classic)
  19. Man With a Harmonica intro + Knights of Cydonia [watch]
    (Manson Chrome Bomber, Rickenbacker 4003)


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