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Music videos


Uno video.png Muscle museum video.png Sunburn video.png Unintended video.png
Uno Muscle Museum Sunburn Unintended

Origin of Symmetry

Plug in baby video.png New born video.png Bliss video.png Hyper music video.png Feeling good video.png
Plug In Baby New Born Bliss Hyper Music Feeling Good


Dead star video.png In your world video.png
Dead Star In Your World


Stockholm syndrome video.png Time is running out video.png Hysteria video.png Sing for absolution video.png Butterflies and hurricanes video.png
Stockholm Syndrome Time Is Running Out Hysteria Sing for Absolution Butterflies & Hurricanes

Black Holes & Revelations

Supermassive black hole video.png Starlight video.png Knights of cydonia video.png Invincible video.png
Supermassive Black Hole Starlight Knights of Cydonia Invincible

The Resistance

Uprising video.png Undisclosed desires video.png Resistance video.png Neutron star collision video.png Mk ultra video.png
Uprising Undisclosed Desires Resistance Neutron Star Collision
(Love Is Forever)
Exogenesis Symphony Redemption.jpg
Exogenesis: Symphony
Part 3: Redemption

The 2nd Law

Survival video.png Unsustainable video.png Madness video.jpeg Isoysy.png Follow Me video.jpg
Survival Unsustainable Madness Isolated System Follow Me
Supremacy video.jpg Animals video.png Panic Station video.jpg
Supremacy Animals Panic Station


DeadInside video.jpg Mercy video.jpg Atermath video.JPG
Dead Inside Mercy Aftermath

Simulation Theory

DigDown.png ThoughtContagion.png SomethingHuman.png TheDarkSide.png Pressure.png
Dig Down Thought Contagion Something Human The Dark Side Pressure
Algorithm.png BITM.png Blockades.png
Algorithm Break It To Me Blockades


Newkindofkick video.JPG
New Kind of Kick

Lyric videos

The 2nd Law

Madness lyricvideo.png Follow Me lyricvideo.png Supremacy lyricvideo.png Panic Station (lyric video).jpg
Madness Follow Me Supremacy Panic Station


Psycho lyricvideo.png DeadInside lyricvideo.png Mercy lyricvideo.png Reapers lyricvideo.png TheHandler lyricvideo.png
Psycho Dead Inside Mercy Reapers The Handler
Defector lyricvideo.png
JFK + Defector

Simulation Theory

DigDown lyricvideo.png Propaganda lyricvideo.jpg GUAF lyricvideo.jpg TheVoid lyricvideo.jpg AlgorithmAR2 lyricvideo.jpg
Dig Down Propaganda Get Up and Fight The Void Algorithm
(Alternate Reality Version)
DarkSideAR lyricvideo.jpg PressureUCLA lyricvideo.jpg PropagandaAcoustic lyricvideo.jpg BITMRemix lyricvideo.jpg SHAcoustic lyricvideo.jpg
The Dark Side
(Alternate Reality Version)
(ft. UCLA Bruin Marching Band)
Propaganda (Acoustic) Break It To Me
(Sam de Jong Remix)
Something Human (Acoustic)
DDAcoustic lyricvideo.jpg TheVoidAcoustic lyricvideo.jpg
Dig Down (Acoustic) The Void (Acoustic)


Hullabaloo Soundtrack.jpg Absolution Tour discog.jpg HAARP.jpg Muse at rome.jpg
Hullabaloo Absolution Tour HAARP Live at
Rome Olympic Stadium


Dwt poster.jpg
Drones World Tour

Making of Videos

200px-MakingShowbiz.png 200px-MakingAbsolution.png 200px-MakingResistance.png 200px-MakingT2L.png 200px-MakingDrones.png
Showbiz Absolution The Resistance The 2nd Law Drones

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