Budapest Óbudai-Sziget 2010 (gig)

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Muse show
Venue Óbudai-Sziget[source?] [en: Old Bleda Island] (Sziget Fesztivál[source?]—main stage headline[source?])
Date 15th August 2010[source?]
Location Budapest, BU[source?]
Country Hungary
Songs 13[source?]
Support Kasabian et al.[1]
Start (UTC+2) 21:30[source?]
Capacity Unknown
Price (EUR) 45 (one day), 170 (whole week)[2]
Sold out? Unknown

The show was announced on the 23th of March on the official Muse website.[3]

Exogenesis was meant to open the set but wasn't played due to technical issues at the time. The hard copy of the setlist can be seen on the Muse Messageboard

The most voted songs on the official set-list polls were Uno, Space Dementia, Spiral Static, Bliss and Citizen Erased, none of which were played.


  • Kasabian
  • Billy Talent
  • Danko Jones
  • Death Valley Screamers
  • Rada



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