Noblesville Verizon Wireless Music Center 2011 (gig)

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Muse logo with Indianapolis concert information
Muse show
Venue Verizon Wireless Music Center[1]
Date 3rd August 2011[1]
Location Noblesville, IN[1]
Country USA
Songs 16[2]
Support Middle Class Rut, Cage the Elephant[3]
Start (UTC−4) 20:00[1]
Capacity 24,000[4]
Price (USD) 46.50–149.50[1]
Sold out? No[source?]

Rumours of a gig in Indianapolis were started by someone on the Lollapalooza forum in March.[5] Live Nation listed this concert on the 9th of May.[6]


Last performance of Exogenesis Part 1: Overture to date


An audience recording by 'We Want The Cup' is available here[registration needed] in mp3 format.



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