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Muse show
Venue Staples Center[1][2][3]
Date 26th September 2010[1][2][3]
Location Los Angeles, CA[1][2][3]
Country USA
Songs 18[source?]
Support Passion Pit[3]
Start (UTC−8) 19:30[2][3]
Capacity Unknown
Price (USD) ≤47.80–79.35[2][3]
Sold out? No[2]

Muse performed inside Staples Center in September 2010,[1][2] this being the second of two consecutive nights.[1] There were three ticket pre-sales.[1] The first took place through Concertmaps on the 13th of July from 10:00,[1] the second through Livenation on the 15th from 10:00[1] to 22:00[2] and the third through KROQ on the 16th from 10:00[1] to 22:00.[2] General sale started through Ticketmaster on the 17th at 10:00.[1][2][3] and through the Staples Center ticket office on the 26th.[3] There was a limit of 8 tickets per household.[2]

The towers experienced some malfunctions: Christopher Wolstenholme's curtain failed to drop at the start of Uprising, thus meaning multiple stage techs had to come onto the stage to get the curtain down manually. Meanwhile, Matthew Bellamy's curtain got caught on his guitar rack, which then resulted in the rack including the guitars being pulled off the tower when the curtain was pulled down by the stage techs, in turn causing the Manson Red Glitter permanent damage, rendering it unusable. This meant that the towers came down by the end of the song so that Bellamy could get the Doubleneck for the next song. As a result, both Resistance and New Born were played on the floor. The towers functioned normally again by the time the piano section arrived.

The outro riffs to Stockholm Syndrome lasted over 8 minutes and included 10 different riffs, one of the longest riff sessions in the history of Muse gigs. When asked, Dominic Howard said the jam was lead by Bellamy playing riffs they had not played in years. This jam was not on the set-list and was potentially played to make up for the towers malfunctioning earlier on in the show.

This gig marks the first performance of Bliss in the US since Boston Agganis Arena in 2007 and the last performance of Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever) until 2013.

Price details

Description Vendor Base price Booking fee Transaction fee Total
Floor-level seating Ticketmaster 65.00 11.85 2.50 79.35
Lower-level seating 35.00 ≤10.30§ ≤47.80
Lower-level seating 65.00 11.85 79.35
Lower-level 'Premier Level' seating
Upper-level seating 35.00 ≤10.30§ ≤47.80
Upper-level seating 45.00 10.30 57.80

‡ This was the transaction fee when printing tickets out oneself. Other options included collection at the venue's ticket office—which cost 0—and via post, for which the cost is unknown, due to price information being retrieved when posting was no longer possible. The option of posting is likely to have cost the most.

§ All tickets which had a base price of $35 were sold out when price information was fetched. The booking fee for these tickets is likely to have been equal to or less than that for $45 tickets, i.e. ≤$10.30


After Uprising Bellamy "Thank you Los Angeles!"
After New Born Howard "Thank you. How you guys doing Los Angeles? It's good to see you again."
After United States of Eurasia Bellamy "Woo! Thanks very much, cheers."
Before Bliss "We're gonna play uh, play an older song now, a song we haven't played in LA before, I don't think? Maybe, maybe. Have we played it? ... So this song's off our second album, 'Origin of Symmetry'."
After Undisclosed Desires "Thanks very much. Thanks a lot for coming to see us live by the way. It means a lot to us. Thanks.
Before Starlight "How're you guys doing, alright?"
Howard "It's great to be here in this great venue, home of the Lakers. One day we'll see them play. This next track. I wanna say thanks to Passion Pit for playing today. I always watch them and their great."
After Unnatural Selection Bellamy "Thank you LA!"
After Knights of Cydonia " Thank you so much! We love you guys! Thanks so much for coming out!"
Howard "You guys rock LA! We love you. It's good to see you guys again. Cheers."


An audience audio recording can be found here[registration needed], in mp3 format.



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