Amnéville-les-Thermes Galaxie Mega Hall 2009 (gig)

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Set list
Muse show
Venue Galaxie Mega Hall[1][2]
Date 1st November 2009[1][2]
Location Amnéville-les-Thermes[1][2]
Country France
Songs 17[source?]
Support The Horrors[3]
Start (UTC+1) 20:00[2]
Capacity Unknown
Price (EUR) 38.50, 44.00[2]
Sold out? Yes[2]

This concert was part of the European leg of The Resistance tour, announced on the 1st of June.[1] Fan pre-sale information and links were announced on the 3rd of June.[4] Pre-sale took place on the 4th–5th through FNAC Spectacles[4] and general sale started on the 5th.[1] The concert was promoted by Alias.[2]

On playing songs from The Resistance live, Dominic Howard stated that learning to do so "should take a while!"[5] and rehearsals started on the 19th of July.[6] On the 22nd, musewire readers were told to "expect an 8" stone 'enge" for the tour's stage design.[7]

Balloons were released during Stockholm Syndrome. Howard and Christopher Wolstenholme played Nishe during the piano installation.


An audience recording in mp3 format is located here[registration needed]. An in-ear monitor recording by SOUSOUS[8] is available here[registration needed] in flac format.



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