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Please do not use official tabulature in the process of writing or adding tabulature or sheet music to MuseWiki. That is, please do not add derived works, thanks.


This section contains tabs, chords and sheet music for those wishing to play Muse songs. Please note, scans of official sheet music/tabs are not allowed. At all.

Music by album

Muse - Showbiz.jpg
Origin Of Symmetry.jpg
Hullabaloo Soundtrack.jpg
Showbiz Origin of Symmetry Hullabaloo

  • New Born
Guitar/ Piano

Guitar/ Piano
Black Holes And Revelations.jpg
The Resistance.jpg
Absolution Black Holes and Revelations The Resistance
Guitar / Piano

The 2nd Law.jpg
Simulation theory cover art.jpg
The 2nd Law Drones Simulation Theory
Guitar/ Piano

Live Covers

Other music

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