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Guitar line-up
Guitar rack
Guitar line-up. From left to right: 7 String E Guitar, Bomber, Laser, Delorean, 007 and Mirror
Back-stage rig
Manson guitars hanging out
Manson guitars line-up for the 2019 tour with number and name labels by Matt's tech

Matthew Bellamy owns more than 50 Manson guitars, of which all were built by Hugh Manson (before 2009) except the Mirror Kaoss, Doubleneck, Keytar and Matt Black II and many more, which were built by Tim Stark. Hugh still makes guitars for Matt, but nowadays, most of the work is done by head luthier at Manson Guitar Works, Tim Stark. All of the guitars built for Bellamy, aside from the 7 String E Guitar, have a shape that he designed alongside Hugh Manson in 2001, dubbed Mattocaster or MB shape. The Mattocaster shape resulted from Bellamy wanting a guitar with "the body of a Fender Telecaster and the sound of a Gibson Les Paul".[source?] Ron Joyce, Hugh's friend and electronic designer/engineer, also plays a big role in achieving the sound, as he designs, engineers and builds all the tech found in Matt's custom guitars.

As of June of 2019, Bellamy became the majority shareholder of Manson Guitar Works.[1]He mentioned that in the following months and years, he and the team at Manson will actively investigate new products for heavier music genres (incl. 7 string guitars) and explore enchanced electronic features to evolve the guitar into the modern era of sound. He also mentioned the release of lower cost Manson guitars, the then named "M-Series" and now named MBM-1 Meta Series (see below).[2]


Model Also known as Period used live Status
Matt Black 3.0 - 2019- In use
Matt Black Stealth 2.0 - 2019- In use
Prophet Stealth 1.0 / 2.0 / 3.0 - 2019- In use
M1D1 Blue Bluebell 2019- In use
M1D1 Blue Whammy Bluebell 2019- In use
Matt Black Stealth LED 2.0 TronCaster 2018- In use
Red Alert - 2017- In use
Matt Black FR Matt Black Whammy, Black Knight 2017- In use
Chrome FR Chrome Whammy 2017- In use
Acoustic Black Acoustic Manson 2017- In use
Holoflake #1/#2 - 2015- In use
M1D1 Stealth #1/#2/#3 - 2015- In use
Mirror 2.0 - 2015- In use
Matt Black Stealth #1/#2/#3/#4/#5/#6/#7 Stealth Matt 2015- In use
Matt Black 2.0 #1/#2/#3/#4/#5 - 2015- In use
Mirror Earls Court 2004-2013, 2013- (rebuilt) In use
Matt Black Stealth LED - 2017-2018 Retired
Stealth Bomber Fuzzbomber 2016 Retired
DR-1 #00/#01/#02/#03 - 2016 Retired/In studio use
Xenokroma Bomber - 2016 Retired
CE-7 7 String - 2015-2018 Probably Retired
Black 7 String 2.0 - 2015-2016 Retired
Silver Glitter Holes 2.0 - 2015 Retired
Metal Bomber - 2015-2016 Retired
Copper Bomber 2.0 - 2015-2016 Retired
Silver Glitter Holes Sagrada 2015 Retired
M1D1 Gloss Black 2.0 - 2015-2018 Probably retired
Copper Bomber Steampunk Lozenge 2015 Retired/Display
Matt Black II/III/IV/V/VI/VII/VIII - 2013-2014 Retired/Given away
Red Carbon - 2012-2015 Retired
M1D1 Gloss Black - 2012-2015 Retired
Black 7 String - 2012-2015 Retired
Matt Black I - 2012-2015 Probably retired
Carbon Olympic Manson 2012-2014 Retired
DL-1 Delorean Trasher [note 1] 2011 Retired
Red Glitter 2.0 [note 2] New Glitterati, Santa 2.0 2010-2013 Retired
MB-1 Red Glitter Son of Santa 2010, 2015 Retired
Keytar Neoncaster, Light Keytar, Troncaster 2010-2011 Retired
Mirror Doubleneck Casinocaster 2010 Retired
Mirror Kaoss Hybrid Jools Manson, Chrome Kaoss 2009-2010 Retired
Keytarcaster [note 2] - 2009-2010 Retired
Black Midi Seattle, Auto[note 1] 2007-2011 Retired
Red Glitter Glitterati, Red Sparkle, Santa[note 1] 2007-2010 Retired
Ali Top Son of Delorean, New Delorean, Delorean Bender [note 1] 2007-2015 Retired
M1D1 Mirror [note 3] M One D One, M1D1 2006-2007 Retired
M1D1 Black Kaoss, Invincible[note 1] 2006-2011 Retired/In studio use
Chrome Bomber Silver Bomber, Lozenge [note 1] 2006-2015 Retired
Bomber 1945 2003-2006 Retired
Laser Lazer 2002-2007 Retired
007 Black Manson, Blackie, Black Ed[note 1] 2001-2011 Retired/In studio use
E-Series 7 String - 2001-2015, 2018 Display/In studio use
Delorean Industrial Disease, Silver 2001-2005 Retired
MB-1 Blue Blue Steel, Blue Beast Never Display
Alloy 7 String - Never In studio use (2012)
Delorean 3.0 [note 2] - Never Never used
Rust Relic - Never Never used (Sold)
The Sheep Guitar - Never Never used

Signature Guitars

Manson MB-1
Manson MB-1S
Manson DL-1
Manson SDL-1
Manson DR-1
Manson MB-1RA
Manson MB-1T
Manson MB-1S2.0
Cort MBC-1
Manson MBM-1


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  1. a b c d e f g These names are what Matt Bellamy calls his guitars by
  2. a b c These names are not official, but fan dubs. These guitars have not been added to the Muse gallery on the Manson Guitar website and thus their official names are unknown.
  3. Now displayed inside the Manson Guitars shop, Exeter.