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Since the start of the Drones live era, Matthew Bellamys has been using two rigs for his touring guitars to ease transportation. Rig A is used for touring in America whereas Rig B is used for the rest of the world. Each rig does have the same guitars in it as the other one. Because of this, every Manson Guitar Matt intends to use was duplicated in 2015.

Guitar style + tuning Rig A Rig B
Standard (Drop D) Manson Matt Black ?
Standard (Other Tuning) Matt Black 2.0 Matt Black 3.0
Standard (Standard Tuning) Silver Glitter Holes Silver Glitter Holes 2.0
Standard (Eb) Matt Black Stealth Matt Black Stealth 2.0
Fuzz Factory Mirror Mirror 2.0
Tremolo Copper Bomber Copper Bomber 2.0
Midi Pad M1D1 Gloss Black 2.0 ?
7-String No.1 Black Glitter 7 String Black Glitter 7 String 2.0
7-String No.2 7 String E Guitar 7 String E Guitar 2.0
Back-up MB-1 Red Glitter ?

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