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Gig archive, 1999–2000


Date Venue Location
2000-11-04 Vega Copenhagen, Denmark
2000-11-03 Kulturbolaget Malmö, Sweden
2000-11-01 John Dee Live Club and Pub Oslo, Norway
2000-10-31 Tavastia Club Helsinki, ES, Finland
2000-10-30 Olympia Theatre (Pet Sounds) Dublin, Ireland
2000-10-2? Channel V Studios Sydney, Australia
2000-10-25 CityLive (now "The Forum") Fox Studios Sydney, Australia
2000-10-23 NSW University Sydney, Australia
2000-10-21 Livid Festival Brisbane, Australia
2000-10-20 The Palace Melbourne, VI, Australia
2000-10-19 Adelaide Governor Hindmarsh 2000 Adelaide, Australia
2000-10-18 Metropolis Perth, Australia
2000-10-15 Club Quattro Tokyo, Japan
2000-10-14 Blitz Tokyo, Japan
2000-10-12 Bayside Jenny Osaka, Japan
2000-10-11 Drum Logos Fukuoka, Japan
2000-10-10 Club Quattro Nagoya, Japan
2000-09-03 Parco Nord Arena (Independent Days) Bologna, Italy
2000-09-02 Rock am See Konstanz, Germany
2000-09-01 Festivalgelände Wiesen (Two Days a Week) Wiesen, Austria
2000-08-28 Leeds Festival Leeds, UK
2000-08-27 Lowlands Festival Hasslet, Netherlands
2000-08-26 Headline Stage 2 (Carling Weekend) Leeds, UK
2000-08-26 Slane Festival Dublin, Ireland
2000-08-25 Little John's Farm (Carling Weekend) Reading, UK
2000-08-23 Ilha do Ermal Vieira do Minho, Portugal
2000-08-20 Terremoto Festival Hamburg, Germany
2000-08-19 Hohenfelden Reservoir (Highfield Festival) Hohenfelden, Germany
2000-08-18 Flughafen Niederrhein (Bizarre Festival) Weeze, NW, Germany
2000-08-13 Chantry Park Ipswich, UK
2000-08-06 WTC Open Air Stadium (Summer Sonic Festival) Osaka, Japan
2000-08-05 Conifer Forest (Summer Sonic Festival) Fujikyu, Japan
2000-08-01 The Barfly London, UK
2000-07-29 L'Asse (Paléo Festival) Nyon, VD, Switzerland
2000-07-28 Théâtres Romains de Fourvière (Nuits de Fourvière) Lyon, France
2000-07-27 Six-Fours-les-Plages Six-Fours-les-Plages, France
2000-07-23 Festival Des Vieilles Charrues Carhaix, France
2000-07-22 Blaye-les-Mines Festival Blaye-les-Mines, France
2000-07-21 Doctor Music Festival Llanera, Spain
2000-07-19 Chateau-Arnoux Amphithéatre Chateau-Arnoux, France
2000-07-14 St. Nolff Festival St. Nolff, France
2000-07-12 Rockwave Festival Athens, Greece
2000-07-09 T In The Park Kinross, UK
2000-07-08 Solidays Festival Paris, France
2000-07-07 Malsaucy (Eurockéennes) Belfort, France
2000-07-04 Quart Festival Kristiansand, Norway
2000-07-02 Roskilde fairgrounds (Roskilde Festival) Roskilde, Denmark
2000-07-01 OpenAir St. Gallen Festival St. Gallen, Switzerland
2000-06-30 Festivalpark Werchter (Rock Werchter Festival) Werchter, Belgium
2000-06-28 La Luna Maubeuge, France
2000-06-25 Worthy Farm (Glastonbury Festival) Pilton, UK
2000-06-21 Riviera Centre Torquay, UK
2000-06-16 Heineken Jammin' Festival Imola, Italy
2000-06-15 Hultsfred Festival Hultsfred, Sweden
2000-06-12 Megaland (Pinkpop) Landgraaf, Netherlands
2000-06-11 Nürburgring (Rock am Ring) Nürburg, Germany
2000-06-10 Franken-Stadion (Rock im Park) Nuremberg, Germany
2000-06-07 Astoria London, UK
2000-06-06 Astoria London, UK
2000-06-04 Civic Hall Wolverhampton, UK
2000-06-03 The Leadmill Sheffield, UK
2000-06-02 The Garage Glasgow, UK
2000-06-01 The Garage Glasgow, UK
2000-05-31 Newcastle University Newcastle, UK
2000-05-30 L2 Liverpool, UK
2000-05-29 Portsmouth Pyramids Centre Portsmouth, UK
2000-05-27 La Vapeur Dijon, France
2000-05-26 Coopérative de Mai Clermont-Ferrand, France
2000-05-25 Le Summum Grenoble, France
2000-05-23 Rohre Stuttgart, Germany
2000-05-22 Elserhalle Munich, Germany
2000-05-21 Columbia Fritz Berlin, Germany
2000-05-19 Grünspan Hamburg, Germany
2000-05-17 La Laiterie Strasbourg, France
2000-05-16 Le Aéronef Lille, France
2000-05-14 Cannes Canal (Festival de Cannes) Cannes, France
2000-05-12 Trinity Ball Dublin, Ireland
2000-05-11 Temple Bar Dublin, Ireland
2000-05-09 Shepherds Bush Empire (supporting Bush) London, UK
2000-05-08 Kashmir Klub (acoustic set) London, UK
2000-04-28 - Munich, Germany
2000-04-21 Tradewinds Sea Bright, NJ, USA
2000-04-20 Brownies New York, NY, USA
2000-04-19 Upstages Philadelphia, PA, USA
2000-04-18 Metro Cafe Washington DC, VA, USA
2000-04-16 Fletcher's Baltimore, MD, USA
2000-04-14 Cotton Club Atlanta, GA, USA
2000-04-13 Cotton Club Atlanta, GA, USA
2000-04-12 McKenzie Arena (supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers) Chattanooga, TN, USA
2000-04-11 Knoxville Thompson-Boling Arena 2000 (supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers) Knoxville, TN, USA
2000-04-09 Rupp Arena (supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers) Lexington, KY, USA
2000-04-08 Indiana University Assembly (supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers) Bloomington, IN, USA
2000-04-06 Civic Centre (supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers) Roanoke, VA, USA
2000-04-05 Brice Jordan Centre (supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers) University Park, PA, USA
2000-04-03 Albany Pepsi Arena (supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers) Albany, NY, USA
2000-04-02 Mullins Center (supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers) Amherst, MA, USA
2000-03-31 Value City Arena at the Jerome Schottenstein Center (supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers) Columbus, OH, USA
2000-03-30 Ervin J Nutter Centre (supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers) Dayton, OH, USA
2000-03-28 Assembly Hall (supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers) Champaign, IL, USA
2000-03-27 SIU Arena (supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers) Carbondale, IL, USA
2000-03-25 Dane County Expo Centre (supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers) Madison, WI, USA
2000-03-24 Target Centre (supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers) Minneapolis, MN, USA
2000-03-22 Double Door (supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers) Chicago, IL, USA
2000-03-10 ABC TV Sydney, Australia
2000-03-09 Newtown RSL Sydney, NS, Australia
2000-03-08 Evelyn Hotel Melbourne, VI, Australia
2000-03-07 ABC Studios (triple j Live at the Wireless) Melbourne, VI, Australia
2000-03-01 On Air West Tokyo, Japan
2000-02-25 University of London Union London, UK
2000-02-25 Riverside Studies (TFI Friday) London, UK
2000-02-24 The Princess Charlotte Leicester, UK
2000-02-22 The Stage Stoke, UK
2000-02-21 Manchester Academy Manchester, UK
2000-02-19 King Tuts Glasgow, UK
2000-02-18 Glow 303 Aberdeen, UK
2000-02-17 Venue Edinburgh, UK
2000-02-15 Duchess of York Leeds, UK
2000-02-14 Arts Centre Norwich, UK
2000-02-13 Fleece & Firkin Bristol, UK
2000-02-11 Frison (supporting Bush) Fribourg, FR, Switzerland
2000-02-10 Capitol Hannover, Germany
2000-02-09 Forum (supporting Bush) Ludwigsburg, BW, Germany
2000-02-08 Colosseum (supporting Bush) Munich, Germany
2000-02-07 Stadthalle (supporting Bush) Fürth, Germany
2000-02-05 Libro Music Hall (supporting Bush Vienna, Austria
2000-02-04 Orpheum Theatre (supporting Bush) Graz, Austria
2000-02-03 X-Tra Limmathaus (supporting Bush) Zürich, Switzerland
2000-02-01 Capitol Hannover, Germany
2000-01-31 Astoria (supporting Ash) London, UK
2000-01-30 Haus Auensee (supporting Bush) Leipzig, SN, Germany
2000-01-28 Stadthalle Offenbach (supporting Bush) Offenbach am Main, HE, Germany
2000-01-27 Westfalenhalle 2 (supporting Bush) Dortmund, Germany
2000-01-26 Columbiahalle (supporting Bush) Berlin, Germany
2000-01-24 Freiheit 36 (supporting Bush) Hamburg, Germany
2000-01-23 Vega Musikkushus Copenhagen, Denmark
2000-01-21 Rockefeller Music Hall Oslo, Norway
2000-01-18 Bataclan Paris, France
2000-01-15 Astrolab Orleans, France
2000-01-14 Krakatoa Bordeaux, France
2000-01-13 Espace Julien Marseille, France
2000-01-11 Elysée Montmartre Paris, France
2000-01-10 Ninkasi Lyon, France
2000-01-08 Exo 7 Rouen, France
2000-01-08 Euro-Sonic Festival[venue?] Groningen, GR, Netherlands
2000-01-07 Le Botanique Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, Belgium
2000-01-06 Paradiso Amsterdam, Netherlands
2000-01-05 Nulle Part Ailleurs Paris, France


Date Venue Location
1999-12-20 Libro Music Hall (supporting Live) Vienna, Austria
1999-12-19 Babylon (supporting Live) Munich, Germany
1999-12-18 Philipshalle (Christmas Special) Düsseldorf, Germany
1999-12-17 London Astoria (Xfest) London, UK
1999-12-16 Große Freiheit (supporting Live) Hamburg, Germany
1999-12-15 Columbiahalle (supporting Live) Berlin, Germany
1999-12-13 Rockefeller (supporting Live) Oslo, Norway
1999-12-12 Cirkus (supporting Live) Stockholm, Sweden
1999-12-11 Vega (supporting Live) Copenhagen, Denmark
1999-12-09 Flanders Expo (supporting Live) Ghent, Belgium
1999-12-08 Brixton Academy (supporting Live) London, UK
1999-12-06 Barrowlands (supporting Live) Glasgow, UK
1999-12-05 Town & Country (supporting Live) Leeds, UK
1999-12-04 Manchester Academy (supporting Live) Manchester, UK
1999-12-02 Statenhal (supporting Live) The Hague, Netherlands
1999-12-01 Statenhal (supporting Live) The Hague, Netherlands
1999-11-26 Action Records (In-store Acoustic) Preston, UK
1999-11-25 Abbey Road Studios London, UK
1999-11-24 Lemon Grove Exeter, UK
1999-11-18 Patinoire (supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers) Bordeaux, France
1999-11-16 Bercy (supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers) Paris, France
1999-11-15 Prime Club Cologne, Germany
1999-11-14 Columbia Fritz Berlin, Germany
1999-11-13 Flex Vienna, Austria
1999-11-12 The Atomic Café Munich, Germany
1999-11-11 Abart Club Zürich, ZH, Switzerland
1999-11-10 MCM Café (Les Inrockuptibles) Paris, France
1999-11-10 Ouï FM Paris, France
1999-11-09 Bikini (Les Inrockuptibles) Toulouse, France
1999-11-07 Olympic (Les Inrockuptibles) Nantes, France
1999-11-06 La Cigale (Les Inrockuptibles) Paris, France
1999-11-05 Aéronef (Les Inrockuptibles) Lille, France
1999-11-04 Alsterdorfer Sporthalle (supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers) Hamburg, Germany
1999-11-03 Markthalle Hamburg, Germany
1999-11-02 Nachtleben Frankfurt, Germany
1999-11-01 Prime Club Cologne, Germany
1999-10-31 Incognito Munich, Germany
1999-10-30 Knaack Berlin, Germany
1999-10-29 Logo Club Hamburg, Germany
1999-10-28 Whelans Dublin, Ireland
1999-10-22 Royal Court (supporting Skunk Anansie) Liverpool, UK
1999-10-21 Rock City (supporting Skunk Anansie) Nottingham, UK
1999-10-21 HMV Notthingham (In-store Acoustic) Nottingham, UK
1999-10-19 Brixton Academy (supporting Skunk Anansie) London, UK
1999-10-18 Exeter University (supporting Skunk Anansie) Exeter, UK
1999-10-17 Guildhall (supporting Skunk Anansie) Portsmouth, UK
1999-10-15 Newport Centre (supporting Skunk Anansie) Newport, UK
1999-10-14 Civic Hall (supporting Skunk Anansie) Wolverhampton, UK
1999-10-13 Barrowlands (supporting Skunk Anansie) Glasgow, UK
1999-10-11 Manchester Academy (supporting Skunk Anansie) Manchester, UK
1999-10-11 HMV Manchester (In-store Acoustic) Manchester, UK
1999-10-10 Town & Country Club (supporting Skunk Anansie) Leeds, UK
1999-10-09 Cambridge Corn Exchange (supporting Skunk Anansie) Cambridge, UK
1999-10-06 Bristol HMV (In-store Acoustic) Bristol, UK
1999-10-06 Cardiff HMV (In-store Acoustic) Cardiff, UK
1999-10-05 HMV Plymouth (In-store Acoustic) Plymouth, UK
1999-10-05 Solo Music (In-store Acoustic) Exeter, UK
1999-10-04 Sound Republic (In-store Acoustic) London, UK
1999-09-28 BBC Studios (Radio 1) Exeter, UK
1999-09-16 SOBs (CMJ Music Marathon) New York City, NY, USA
1999-09-04 TJ's Newport, UK
1999-09-02 The Cornerhouse Middlesbrough, UK
1999-09-01 The Stage Stoke-on-Trent, UK
1999-09-?? Canal+ Paris, France
1999-08-31 King Tut's Wah Wah Hut Glasgow, UK
1999-08-30 Roadhouse Manchester, UK
1999-08-28 Temple Newsam Park (Carling Weekend) Leeds, UK
1999-08-27 Little John's Farm (Carling Weekend) Reading, UK
1999-08-23 Popkomm Cologne, Germany
1999-08-22 Street Party Cologne, Germany
1999-08-21 Butzweiler Hof (Bizarre Festival) Cologne, Germany
1999-08-21 Visions Aftershow Party Cologne, Germany
1999-08-20 Motor Music 5 year party Germany
1999-08-18 The Borderline London, UK
1999-08-14 Le Fort de Saint-Père (La Route du Rock) Saint-Malo, France
1999-08-07 Alter Reitplatz (Haldern Pop) Rees, Germany
1999-08-06 WEA Convention Los Angeles, CA, USA
1999-08-04 Elbo Room Chicago, IL, USA
1999-08-03 KCRW Morning Eclectic Santa Monica, CA, USA
1999-07-30 The Roxy Theatre West Hollywood, CA, USA
1999-07-29 Richs Club 93 San Francisco, CA, USA
1999-07-28 Brownies New York City, NY, USA
1999-07-27 Bill's Bar Boston, MA, USA
1999-07-25 Griffiss Air Force Base (Woodstock) Rome, NY, USA
1999-07-24 Leadmill Sheffield, UK
1999-07-23 Zodiac Oxford, UK
1999-07-21 Guildhall Gloucester, UK
1999-07-20 Lomax Liverpool, UK
1999-07-19 Cavern Club Exeter, UK
1999-07-17 The Princess Charlotte Leicester, UK
1999-07-16 Foundry Birmingham, UK
1999-07-15 Wedgwood Rooms Portsmouth, UK
1999-07-13 La Boule Noire Paris, France
1999-07-12 New Morning Paris, France
1999-07-11 Balado (T in the Park) Kinross, UK
1999-07-06 100 Club London, UK
1999-06-27 Eichenring (Hurricane Festival) Scheeßel, Germany
1999-06-26 Neubiberg bei München (Southside Festival) Neubiberg, BY, Germany
1999-06-25 Worthy Farm (Glastonbury Festival) Pilton, UK
1999-06-23 Cavern Club Exeter, UK
1999-06-22 The Cooperage Plymouth, UK
1999-06-21 Varsity Wolverhampton, UK
1999-06-19 Roadhouse Manchester, UK
1999-06-18 Joiners Arms Southampton, UK
1999-06-17 Army & Navy Chelmsford, UK
1999-06-16 Louisianna Bristol, UK
1999-06-02 Acoustic Sessions OUI FM Paris, France
1999-05-30 The Leadmill (supporting Feeder) Sheffield, UK
1999-05-29 The Garage (supporting Feeder) Glasgow, UK
1999-05-27 The Riverside (supporting Feeder) Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
1999-05-25 Coal Exchange (supporting Feeder) Cardiff, UK
1999-05-24 Corn Exchange (supporting Feeder) Ipswich, UK
1999-05-23 Rock City (supporting Feeder) Nottingham, UK
1999-05-21 Portsmouth Pyramids Centre (supporting Feeder) Portsmouth, UK
1999-05-20 Wulfrun Hall (supporting Feeder) Wolverhampton, UK
1999-05-19 Manchester Academy MDH (supporting Feeder) Manchester, UK
1999-05-18 Barfly (Radio 1 Evening Session Tour) London, UK
1999-05-17 Portsmouth Pyramids Centre (Radio 1 Evening Session tour) Portsmouth, UK
1999-05-16 The Foundry (Radio 1 Evening Session Tour) Sheffield, UK
1999-05-13 Manchester University (Radio 1 Evening Session Tour) Manchester, UK
1999-05-12 Irish Centre (Radio 1 Evening Session Tour) Birmingham, UK
1999-05-11 Cardiff University (Radio 1 Evening Session Tour) Cardiff, UK
1999-05-10 The Square Harlow, UK
1999-05-08 The Forum Royal Tunbridge Wells, UK
1999-04-10 London Astoria (supporting Gene) London, UK
1999-03-25 London Forum (supporting Gene) London, UK
1999-03-22 The Viper Room (show-case) West Hollywood, CA, USA
1999-02-28 Reading University (supporting Gene) Reading, UK
1999-02-27 Anson Rooms, Bristol University (supporting Gene) Bristol, UK
1999-02-26 Brighton Centre (supporting Gene) Brighton, UK
1999-02-24 Carriages (supporting Gene) Milton Keynes, UK
1999-02-23 Arts Centre (supporting Gene) Colchester, UK
1999-02-22 The Waterfront (supporting Gene) Norwich, UK
1999-02-21 The Junction (supporting Gene) Cambridge, UK
1999-02-17 Lamacq Evening Session (BBC Radio 1) London, UK
1999-01-29 University of London Union London, UK
1999-01-25 The Cavern Club Exeter, UK
1999-01-23 Esquires Bedford, UK
1999-01-21 The Roadhouse Manchester, UK
1999-01-20 Duchess of York Leeds, UK
1999-01-19 Logo Club Hamburg, Germany
1999-01-18 The Pressure Point Brighton, UK
1999-01-16 The Crypt Hastings, UK
1999-01-15 The Forum Royal Tunbridge Wells, UK
1999-01-14 Y Club Chelmsford, UK
1999-01-11 The Princess Charlotte Leicester, UK

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