Reading Little John's Farm 2000 (gig)

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Line-up poster
Muse show
Venue Little John's Farm[source?] (Reading Festival[1][2]—Radio 1 Evening Session Stage–headline[2][3][4])
Date 25th August 2000[2][4]
Location Richfield Avenue, Reading[2]
Country United Kingdom
Songs Unknown
Support Shed Seven et al.[2]
Start (UTC+1) 22:20[1]
Capacity Unknown
Price (GBP) >33–>80[2]
Sold out? Unknown

Muse headlined the Radio 1 / NME Stage [5]

The band had several technical problems during their time on stage.[1] Two of Matthew Bellamy's old friends made an appearance dressed as police personnel with MUSE written in duct tape attached to their backsides.[1]


  • Muse - 22:20
  • Shed Seven - 21:05
  • Ween - 19:55
  • Grandaddy - 18:45
  • Royal Trux - 17:45
  • Clinic - 16:50
  • Brassy - 15:55
  • King Adora - 14:15
  • Orange Can - 13:30
  • The Lapse - 12:45

Price details

Duration Base price (GBP)
1 day 33
3 days 80


Four songs were broadcast on BBC Radio 1.[source?] Futurism can be found here[registration needed]. This is first known performance of Futurism live (or Spectrum as it was called then). The other three songs can be found here[registration needed]. Audio of other songs has not surfaced. The known setlist today may be incomplete as it misses common songs at the time like Falling Down, Unintended and Fillip.[6]



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