Santa Monica KCRW Morning Eclectic 1999 (gig)

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Muse show
Venue Unknown (KCRW Morning[Becomes?] Eclectic[source?])
Date 3rd August 1999[source?]
Location Santa Monica, CA[source?]
Country USA
Songs 7[1][circular?]
Support -[source?]
Start Unknown
Capacity Unknown
Price Unknown
Sold out? Unknown

An acoustic session and a short interview with the band.


A recording of the broadcast in FLAC format is available on MuseBootlegs here as well as below. This is the earliest recorded performance by the band outside of Europe.


  1. Cave (acoustic) [listen]
  2. Falling Down (acoustic) [listen]
  3. Muscle Museum (acoustic) [listen]
  4. Overdue (acoustic) [listen]
  5. Sunburn (acoustic) [listen]
  6. Unintended (acoustic) [listen]
  7. Uno (acoustic) [listen]


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