Wolverhampton Civic Hall 2000 (gig)

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Muse show
Venue Wolverhampton Civic Hall[1][2]
Date 4th June 2000[1][2]
Location Wolverhampton[1][2]
Country United Kingdom
Songs 16[1]
Support Coldplay[1]
Start (UTC+1) 21:05 (Muse), 20:15 (Coldplay)[1]
Capacity Unknown
Price Unknown
Sold out? Unknown

Antics after Showbiz this time included Matthew Bellamy skipping with his guitar's leads, Christopher Wolstenholme running around the stage, demolishing the drum kit after which Dominic Howard ended lying across the bass drum and Bellamy poured water over his head. After this, the band proceeded to wrestle with one another, leaving Howard lying on the floor giggling.[1]



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