Marseille Espace Julien 2000 (gig)

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Matt during the concert
Chris during the concert
Matt during Feeling Good
The band during an acoustic song
Muse show
Venue Espace Julien[1][2]
Date 13th January 2000[1][2]
Location Marseille[1][2]
Country France
Songs 18[3]
Support LTNO[4]
Start (UTC+1) 20:30[2]
Capacity 1,000[5]
Price (FRF) 100.00[2]
Sold out? Unknown

A relatively unknown gig until full footage surfaces sometime in the early 2010's. The band did a signing appearance at the Marseille Virgin Megastore just before the show.[4] Recess was originally positioned after Agitated on the setlist but was performed before instead. The band also made comments during the show about skipping Cave earlier on. Perhaps based on these two facts, a new setlist was attempted but the band weren't quite adjusted to it yet.


Before Feeling Good Bellamy "Bonsoir Marseille. We are called Muse".
After Feeling Good "Thank you".
After Overdue
After Sober "Thank you, <indecipherable>
After Agitated "Thank you".
Audience member "No, thank you! Thank you!"
Bellamy "It's okay".
After Falling Down "Thank you very much. Woah, there it is".
After Unintended "Thank you very much".
After Screenager
After Uno "Thank you".
After Plug In Baby
Before Cave "Eh? We must have... how'd we miss that? Sorry we missed one earlier, here it is".
After Cave "Thank you".
After Sunburn
After Muscle Museum "Merci beaucoup".
Before Fillip "This is our last song now, thank you very much. This is called Fillip, cheers! Good evening to you all".
After Fillip "Thank you, good night".
After Escape "Thank you very much".
Before Showbiz "This is now our last song, this is called uh, this is off of our album, and this is called Showbiz, cheers!
Good evening to you all".


Though no audio recording of this gig has ever surfaced, the full footage was dumped online sometime in the 2000's, and can be found on MuseBootlegs here as well as below.

This video contains the first ever video of Screenager, as well as the last video recordings of Recess and Escape.



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