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This is the main Gigs page, any gigs page you create must follow the following conventions

  • They must include a Gigbox, more details can be found here
  • They must include a GigNav, more details can be found here
  • After the Gigbox and GigNav, you can include sections such as Set list, and additional links (See also)
  • Make sure you include
    at the end so its easy to navigate.

Please read the information included here for a guide to using the Gigbox.

Naming conventions

Pages should be named like so:


For example: Pilton Worthy Farm 2004 (gig)

Gigs in the same year in different months can be named as so:
Exeter Cavern Club 1999-01 (gig)
Exeter Cavern Club 1999-07 (gig)

Gigs in the same year with two or more dates within one month can be named like this:
London Earls Court 2004 - 19th (gig)
London Earls Court 2004 - 20th (gig)

Location should precede venue name. Don't forget to include (gig) at the end of the name.

If the gig has an official name, such as if it is a festival or a television programme, then include that name within brackets when listing the gig in the Gigs page tables. For example:

[[Pilton Worthy Farm 2004 (gig)|Worthy Farm]] (Glastonbury Festival)

Tip: When adding a new gig to the wiki, start by adding the gig to the relevant Template first, eg Template:Gigs/2015, as existing gigs in the template provide a good reference/reminder for how the new gig should be named.

Significant gigs

All gig pages should have a template of no more than one photograph. Only gigs that are deemed significant (e.g. Glasto/Earls Court) should have more than one picture and a load of other stuff. For the less significant, links to more pictures from external websites are allowed. This is to prevent a lot of biased pages made by fans who think a gig is significant because they went.

If you would like the photos to be internal then use a gallery page instead (eg. London Earls Court 2004 - 19th (gig) would be London Earls Court 2004 - 19th (gallery))


Do not use's gig archive as a citation source. They use information from our archive without attributing the information to us and thus foster circular references.


Tickets and ticket stubs, as well as promotional items (posters etc) should be uploaded in PNG format. If your scanner doesn't support PNG format but does support BMP, then open the bmp in your image editing programme and with it save as PNG. If you want your personal details seamlessly removed from the ticket, then ask for someone else to do it on community portal or gigs talk page. We're more than happy to help.

Remember that this isn't to show off the size of your ... whatever, so don't arrange a number of tickets and memorabilia in the prettiest way you can.

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