Amsterdam Paradiso 2000 (gig)

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The setlist of the gig.
Matt during the gig.
Muse show
Venue Paradiso[1]
Date 6th January 2000[1]
Location Amsterdam, NH[source?]
Country Netherlands
Songs 17[2]
Support None[source?]
Start (UTC+1) Unknown
Capacity 1,500[3]
Price Unknown
Sold out? Unknown

This concert marked the first known time Muse played Plug In Baby, and also the first Screenager (under the title "Razor Blades and Glossy Magazines") and Nishe live (under the title "Bass and Drum Break"). Feeling Good was also performed in public for the first time, months after it was debuted on BBC Radio 1 in September 1999. The original support band, possibly JJ72,[4] dropped out just before the show began.

Matt's voice was described by one reviewer as the highlight of the show, while simultaneously stating the lyrics were "incomprehensible".[5]


Before Feeling Good Bellamy "Hello, we are called Muse. Uh, sorry we have no support, it's just us, but here we go."[6]
After Feeling Good "Cheers".
After Sober "Thank you very much".
After Recess "Thank you".
After Sunburn
After Falling Down "Thank you. This song is called Unintended".
After Unintended "Thank you very much".
After Screenager "Thank you".
After Uno "Thanks very much. This song's called Cave".
After Cave "Thank you very much indeed".
After Plug In Baby "That's the first time we've ever played that before".
After Fillip "Thank you. ... This is our last song, it's called 'Do We Need This'".
After Do We Need This "Thank you very much".
Before Escape "How're we doing?"
Before Showbiz "Cheers. This is our last song. This is called Showbiz, off our album Showbiz. Thanks very much, good evening to you".


The live version of Sober from this gig appears on the Unintended cassette and 7" and on the BX CD. The live versions of Fillip and Do We Need This appear on the Random 1-8 EP. A full audio recording in lossless quality can be found on MuseBootlegs here as well as below.

An amateur video recording has surfaced of the first six songs and can be viewed below. This video recording includes one of only three live videos of Recess.



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