Paris MCM Café 1999 (gig)

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Christopher Wolstenholme
Muse show
Venue MCM Café[1] (Les Inrockuptibles[1])
Date 10th November 1999[1]
Location Paris[1]
Country France
Songs 12[2]
Support Unknown
Start Unknown
Capacity ~500 (Bellamy's estimate)[3]
Price Unknown
Sold out? Unknown

An early MCM channel gig. According to Matthew Bellamy, there were "about 500 inside and 500 outside trying to get in". The latter were refused entry due to the venue being so packed with attendees. Again according to Bellamy "the gig was fucking crazy, people falling all over the stage".[3]

This gig marks the first known appearance of the "0305030" riff. This riff later became a regular live jam after Stockholm Syndrome until 2015, when it was finally used in the song Psycho.


The gig was broadcast live[1] on the MCM channel. A rip of this (in both video + audio formats) was available on, while a full DVD recording is available on MuseBootlegs here.

This was the first pro-shot recording of Falling Down, Sober, Overdue and Agitated, as well as the only pro-shot recording of Do We Need This and Recess.



After Agitated Bellamy "Cheers."



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