Belfort Malsaucy 2000 (gig)

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Signing session, Matt on the phone to a fan's friend
Signing session
Matthew Bellamy at Eurockéennes 2000
Signed ticket
Muse show
Venue Malsaucy[1] (Eurockéennes de Belfort[1][2])
Date 7th July 2000[1][2]
Location Belfort[2]
Country France
Songs 13[source?]
Support Unknown
Start (UTC+2) Unknown
Capacity Unknown
Price Unknown
Sold out? Unknown

A reviewer claimed that Ashamed was played before Falling Down, which would make sense given that video shows a smooth cut from Sunburn with a yellow guitar to Falling Down with a red guitar, with no shot of the change of guitars.[3]Still, this is unlikely and cannot be confirmed.


A video of the full set is available on the internet to download.


Before New Born Bellamy "Bonjour."
After New Born "Thank you."
Before Sober "Yes we're fine now."
After Sober "Thank you."
After Sunburn "Cheers."
Before Falling Down "B, G, A, now."
After Falling Down "Cheers."
After Agitated "Yup."
After Muscle Museum "Thank you."
Before Plug In Baby "This next song is called Plug In Baby."
During Fillip "Fuck yeah! Sorry."
Before Unintended "This song is called Unintended."
After Unintended "Thank you.
Before Showbiz "Thanks very much this is our last song. This is off our... make sure to check out a band called Coldplay. I think they're playing later over at a tent, good band. This is uh, it's our last song isn't it?
Howard "Yeah."
Bellamy "Alright this song is called Showbiz. Thank you very much. Have a good night. See you soon."


  1. New Born [watch]
    (Gibson Les Paul DC Lite, Tobacco Sunburst Pedulla Bass)
  2. Sober [watch]
    (Gibson Les Paul DC Lite, Green Pedulla Bass)
  3. Pre-Sunburn Riff + Sunburn (guitar) [watch]
    (Gibson Les Paul DC Lite, Tobacco Sunburst Pedulla Bass)
  4. Falling Down [watch]
    (SG/Les Paul with Deluxe Lyre Vibrola, Double Bass)
  5. Feeling Good [watch]
    (Roland Juno 60, Tobacco Sunburst Pedulla Bass)
  6. Agitated [watch]
    (Unknown travel guitar with built in amp (smaller scale, thought to be from Japan), ?)
  7. Muscle Museum [watch]
    (Gibson Les Paul DC Lite, Green Pedulla Bass)
  8. Plug In Baby [watch]
    (Gibson Les Paul DC Lite, Green Pedulla Bass)
  9. Cave [watch]
    (Parker Fly, Green Pedulla Bass)
  10. Scratch Jam + Fillip [watch]
    (Parker Fly, Green Pedulla Bass)
  11. Minimum [watch]
    (Gibson Les Paul DC Lite, Green Pedulla Bass)
  12. Riff + Unintended [watch]
    (Gibson Les Paul DC Lite, Acoustic Guitar)
  13. Showbiz + Ashamed riff [watch]
    ( Gibson Les Paul DC Lite, ?)


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