Reapers (lyric video)

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Muse video
Name Reapers
Album/single Drones
Length 5:59
Initial air date 29th May 2015
Filming Location Unknown
Director Tom Kirk
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The video features a man being chased by a woman, flying a drone. The man gets killed by the drone at the end. Also features the band performing and contains the same font as the Psycho lyric video. The band and the woman flying were filmed in the studio while the running man was filmed on a location with a drone.

During the shots of the drone's perspective, at the bottom right corner, it reads "HE-3 DRONE". This is more than likely a reference to Helium 3, the band's own label, which as an isotope of helium has a symbol of "He-3".


  • Directed by Tom Kirk
  • Produced by Banoffee Sky
  • Editor and VFX - Rowan Glenn
  • Drones filming - Drones Plus
  • Band performance filmed by Liam Iandoli and Daniel Salter
  • Actors - Micky Shiloah and Alexandria Basso