Pressure (video)

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Muse video
Name Pressure
Album/single Simulation Theory
Length 5:09
Initial air date 27th September 2018
Filming Location Unknown
Director Lance Drake
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Featuring Muse dressed as the band from Back to the Future and Terry Crews shooting lighting bolts out of a flamethrower.

The video begins where Something Human began, but in first person, with Matt putting on the VR goggles.

It takes place in a fictional town of Teignville, at a high school homecoming dance, where the hometown heroes and battle of the bands winners, Rocket Baby Dolls, are playing.

The "infection" appears to have been caused by liquid spilling onto a computer (from a "Propaganda" drink can), after the two protagonists start making out away from all the people in a dark classroom, which then fired a laser at a Guinea Pig, causing the animal to mutate into a blue gremlin-like creature nicknamed "The Gritter" (described by Lance Drake as being part Gremlin, part Critter). The creature quickly multiplied and attacked the entire school. Those bitten exhibited the same characteristics as those in the Thought Contagion video.

After that, Terry Crews, who plays the principal, gets a laser shooter and starts shooting at The Gritters to kill them. After he's killed them all, Crews, the band and the two protagonists realise they didn't do anything, as those bitten rise up from the ground, ready to attack them.

At the end, the same guy from the Thought Contagion video is being interviewed about what happened, but someone in a hazmat suit turns off the camera before he says anything.

Pressure Screenshots

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  • Director: Lance Drake
  • Actors: Terry Crews, Chance Michael, Julia Robinson, Rudy Pankow, Muse
  • Producer: Jason Baum
  • Production company:
  • Executive Producers: Jerad Anderson & Seb Webber
  • Director of Photography: Nicholas Wiesnet
  • Production Designer: Ethan Feldbau
  • Editor: Jeremiah Mayhew
  • Special Effects: Morbx FX Lab
  • Wardrobe Stylist: Tatiana Valentin
  • Make Up/Hair: Alex Perrone
  • Casting Director: Michael Beaudry
  • Choreographer: Erin Murray
  • Post-Production and Visual Effects: Frame 48
  • Executive Director: Tom Teller
  • Executive Producer: Julian Conner
  • Creative Producer: Seth Josephson
  • Colorist: Bryan Smaller at Company 3
  • Sound Design: Adam Primack at Lime