Hysteria (video)

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Muse video
Name Hysteria
Album/single Hysteria DVD (2), Hysteria promo VHS (1)
Length 3:47
Initial air date 2003
Filming Location London
Director Matt Kirby
Watch US Version UK Version Directors Cut


Starring Haley Caradoc-Hodgekins and Justin Theroux.

The video does not star any members of Muse, and was filmed in a "hotel room" set in London in 2003. The story is that the main character (Theroux) falls in love with a prostitute, and then trashes his hotel room in the frustration that he cannot have a relationship with her, after slapping her causing her to fall off the bed and then run down the hallway in just her underwear. Much of the video was filmed using a Sony Digicam, for a sleazy dramatic effect.

Bellamy was originally going to play the part in the video, but decided that his acting skills weren't good enough and was too embarrassed.

There are 2 versions, the TV Version the Director's Cut (found on the Hysteria DVD Single) having more girls on camera (this was cut for the US version as the "sex" was deemed too graphic).

This video also has a striking resemblance to that of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" that the site shows a shot-for-shot likeness to each of the videos.

Alternate video

There is an alternate video is for the US. The video is simpler, based on live performances.

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