New Kind of Kick (video)

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Muse video
Name New Kind of Kick
Album/single N/A
Length 2:51
Initial air date October 28th 2016
Filming Location Loyal Studios, Burbank, California
Director Tom Kirk
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The music video, directed by Tom Kirk is shot in a similar style to that of Psycho's lyric video but with different background elements, aswell as an actress dressed up as a famous comedy-horror character Elvira.

It also features the band dressed up in leather clothing, playing their instruments and Matt wearing an Elvis wig while singing in a retro microphone. The video ends with Dom doing kung fu kick like he did in the visual LED of Uprising in The 2nd Law Tour.


  • Elvira: Miss Miranda
  • Director: Tom Kirk
  • VFX and Design: Rowan Glenn, Clare & Si Bennett
  • Camera: Matt Hayslett
  • Makeup: Elle Favorule
  • Hair: Sara Seward