Sunburn (video)

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Muse video
Name Sunburn
Album/single Sunburn promo VHS (1)
Length 3:54
Initial air date 21st February 2000
Filming Location Studio
Director Nick Gordon
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This video is of a babysitter who sneaks into the bedroom of the parents of a boy she is supposed to be taking care of and begins to try on and steal their belongings. As stated in a 2004 interview([1]), the band appears to her in a mirror as a manifestation of her guilt. As well as the band appearing in the mirror, the babysitter's hair arbitrarily changes from untidy to tidy, thus the distinction between what happens in reality and what's symbolic within the video is unclear.

The band didn't record their part at the same time as the girl did.[2] Matthew Bellamy recalled that he was very nervous when recording the band's part, as he sang into a camera.[2]

The girl in the video is played by Brooke Kinsella, an actress who then went on to star in the British soap 'Eastenders'[3]


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