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Bliss video
Muse video
Name Bliss
Album/single Bliss CD1 (4), Hyper Music Box New Born CD (5), Bliss BX maxi CD (4), Bliss promo VHS (1)
Length 4:21
Initial air date 2001
Filming Location
Director David Slade
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Bellamy: "The reason I like David Slade is his ideas are way above and beyond what is even achievable within the realms of the film industry. His idea originally for that video was a person falling through space towards earth. You think the person's gonna hit the ground and die but they just go through the centre of the earth and come out the other side.
It just sounded like a weird idea, so we ended up talking about trying to make a video that did that. But obviously, planet earth was a bit difficult to conjure up, so we ended up settling for a kind of 'Star Wars' Death Star thing. I spent the whole day strapped in a harness hanging from the ceiling. That was pretty knackering. It was just a mad idea, but we went with it".

Howard: "For the majority of the day, me and Chris just sat around doing nothing, watching Matt swing around on his harness. We were both in these weird little pods, trapped outside of the tube that Matt was falling through, going, 'No! What're you doing?'. We kinda spun around for a bit, watched him falling and that was our only appearance in that video!"

David Slade (director): Matt falls into a giant hole in a machine at the core of a futuristic city, then spends the entire video falling, watched by the other members of the band. He falls until he drifts out into space, continuing to accelerate until he reaches the edge of the universe where he comes apart as gas. We shot for two days with Matt Bellamy spinning on wires for the whole time. I believe Matt is a sadomasochist. He had bruises that took three weeks to heal and he puked three times. But still somehow came up smiling. Everyone thinks that this video was done with CGI, not so. We didn’t have the schedule or budget and so we had to do it the old-fashioned way - entirely with miniatures. There was a lot of 2D compositing though and Smoke & Mirrors artist Rob Maggoch created all the starscape backgrounds entirely in inferno.

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