Stockholm Syndrome (video)

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Muse video
Name Stockholm Syndrome
Album/single Time Is Running Out (3), Stockholm Syndrome Promo DVD-R (1)
Length 4:58, 4:27 (US)
Initial air date 2003
Filming Location Warehouse, Hackney (UK)
Director Thomas Kirk (UK) Patrick Daughters (US)
Watch Uk Version US Version


This video features the band performing at home and was made "very cheaply". They rented a thermal vision camera and just messed around.

Thomas Kirk shot/directed it. The entire video uses a thermal vision camera, and as the band were playing around with ice and stuff. There's one shot at the end where they aren't under any of the effects.

The hidden frame in Stockholm Syndrome

Matt: "We made this video ourselves. We did it in the place where we'd pretty much written the whole album ('Absolution'), a warehouse in Hackney. We went down there with a few thermal cameras - influenced by the film 'Predator', with the thermal shots where you can just see the heat. It was more of an excuse just to get the cameras out and have a little laugh with them, really! It shortly just developed into Dom bending over a pool table, lighting a fart and filming it with a thermal camera. You'd be impressed if you were to see that footage. I really argued that we should put the shot in because people would never see what it was, they'd just think it was a dragon or something. It was good fun mucking around with thermal cameras and throwing ice and water over yourself, 'cause obviously, if you do, that makes it look like you're dissolving your body".

  • At ~0:02 the word CAPTOR is written on a wall.
  • At ~2:44, a frame contains "FUCK". This frame was never removed from the TV version of the video.
  • From ~3:39 till 3:43 the letters PRISONER can be seen.
  • At 3:14, A flame can be seen shooting from a persons rear. (Possibly the fire fart footage Matt was talking about)

Alternative video


An alternate video was shot for the US, using the US radio edit of the song. The video features what appears to be a typical American talk show named "Oracle TV" with Muse as the guest performers. As Muse plays Stockholm Syndrome, the sky turns red and a gale coming from the band literally blows away the host and a guest sitting next to him through the set. The guest's hawk begins pecking at audience members, who begin to flee out of the studio. Next to go are the show's band, one of which flies through a wall.

During the main riff, audience members, the host, and the crew return to the set through the holes in the walls, and together sing the final chorus, but flee once again near the end of the song.

  • The scenery behind the set seems to be Ayers Rock in Australia.
  • This version was directed by Patrick Daughters.

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