Psycho (lyric video)

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Muse video
Name Psycho
Album/single Drones
Length 5:50
Initial air date 12th March 2015
Filming Location San Francisco / Los Angeles
Director Tom Kirk and Simon Bennett
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This is the first lyric video for Drones, and the first lyric video to feature the band performing. The lyric video features various graphics and videos of the military, people covered in paint holding guns, various images being displayed on both actors and the band, as well as actors, one representing a military sergeant and another one representing a soldier, being thrown orders by the sergeant. The video was shot in February of 2015 in San Francisco. The video was co-produced by SEKDEK.

Film Crew

  • Directed and edited by Tom Kirk and Simon Bennett
  • Produced by Banoffee Sky
  • Post Production: Clare Julia
  • Artwork illustration and animation by Matt Mahurin
  • Director of Photography: Matt Hayslett
  • SEKDEK creator: Brice Frillici
  • SEKDEK producer: Lee Sayer