The Dark Side (video)

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Muse video
Name The Dark Side
Album/single Simulation Theory
Length 3:54
Initial air date August 30th, 2018
Filming Location Unknown
Director Lance Drake
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The video is a continuation of the Something Human video. It starts with Matt driving into a warp, which leads to the other reality. During the stay at that other reality, he is chased by large helmet-wearing skeletons, shooting lasers out of eyeholes. At the end, he reaches a neon-lit virtual city (with a yet unknown name)

Bellamy is the only member to be featured in the video.

It is, similar to the Something Human music video, almost fully done using CGI.

The Dark Side Screenshots


  • Director: Lance Drake
  • Producer: Jason Baum
  • Production company:
  • Executive Producers: Jerad Anderson & Seb Webber
  • Editor: Jeremiah Mayhew
  • Post Production and Visual FX: Frame 48
  • Executive Director: Tom Teller
  • Executive Producer: Julian Conner
  • Creative Producer: Seth Josephson