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Dead Star video
Muse video
Name Dead Star
Album/single Dead Star/In Your World CD (4), BX Dead Star/In Your World card-sleeve CD (3), Dead Star Cellar Version promo VHS (cellar version), Dead Star Performance Version promo VHS (performance version)
Length 3:42
Initial air date 30th May 2002
Filming Location Winston Churchill's home, Brighton
Director Thomas Kirk
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This video was filmed in Winston Churchill's home in Brighton. It cost £50 to make. The entire video was colour graded which gives it a stark, black and white grainy quality which adds to its gritty feel (it was made with a Sony Handycam, of which Kirk is a fan).

It shows the band in the basement playing the song, and the camera work is shaky and stops and starts again - for effect.

There are many shots of the camera attached to the guitar headstock, giving a 'down-the-neck' view of the strings being played.

It is on the Dead Star/In Your World CD1, which was released on the 17th of June, 2002.

A second video was released with live shots of the band, mostly taken from the 2001 tour and from the Hullabaloo DVD, in very similar style to the "In Your World" video.

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