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Official promo poster
Limited edition Marvel poster
Title Flash
Muse live
Name Simulation Theory Film
  • 22 (Cinema) »
  • 9 (LP)
  • 6 (Casette)
Total length 1:30:20 (Cinema / Digital)
Recorded 2019
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy et al
Producer Muse, Pulse Films, Lance Drake & Jesse Lee Stout
Art work Metaform Studio
Publisher Pulse Films, Warner, Globalist Industries
  • IMAX Cinema, Digital Download »
  • Blu-Ray (deluxe only)
  • LP (deluxe only)
  • Cassette (deluxe only)
Catalogue № Unknown
Release date
  • 17th August 2020 (Cinema) »
  • 21st August 2020 (Digital)
  • 11th December 2020 (Deluxe Box-Set)
Chart position Unknown
live chronology
Drones World Tour
Simulation Theory Film


Prerelease teaser gifs

The latest live film coming from Muse, based around the 2019 album, Simulation Theory, was released in select IMAX cinemas on August 17th with digital downloads from Amazon, Google Play and iTunes released on August 21st with a deluxe box-set set to be released on 11th December, featuring a 5.1 DTS Master Audio Blu-Ray, together with an LP, both with audio from the film, paired with a Casette of the film score, which was written by Bellamy himself.

Muse started teasing with film's content in late spring of 2020 with a couple of GIFs from the film (see right), which could be found on Giphy. Muse also teased the film on Spotify with extracts from the film used as so called "Canvases" on Starlight, Uprising and Supermassive Black Hole. The film was later officially revealed by Muse on August 12th, 2020. A microsite soon followed with details about the film.

The film will differ to other previously released live films in that it includes a movie-like story, directed once again by Lance Drake based around the live show and musical themes with hired actors and Muse Dancers acting out certain scenes. The trailer for the movie can be seen here.

The film was shot in 2019 at the O² Arena concerts, on 14th and the 15th September 2019.

The posters for the film were designed to look like a slightly worn out VHS box sleeve insert.

Deluxe Box-Set

Alongside the cinema and digital releases, a physical copy will also be released as a deluxe box-set in December of 2020. The box-set will feature a Blu-Ray with 5.1 DTS Master audio, packed in an VHS-inspired box, and an LP, both with audio from the film. The box set will also feature a cassette of the film score, written by Matt Bellamy, featuring songs that also appeared during the tour's live shows.

The box set also includes a Simulation Theory comic and a limited edition poster, both made by Marvel in collaboration with Muse.

It is available for pre-order on the website here.

Stageverse VR Experience

In fall of 2020, Muse and Stageverse are planning on releasing the live footage from the gig at Madrid's Wanda Metropolitano stadium, shot on July 26th, 2019, in a 360-degree 6K video format. Allthough it has not featured the movie aspects or footage from the show in London, the release was still considered as part of the Simulation Theory film.

The experience is designed to be an interactive online event with users being able to sign up with custom avatars and meet up with other atendees and buy virtual merch. The Simulation Theory VR Experience was the first virtual event of this kind.

The virtual experience was released in fall of 2020 on the Stageverse app for iOS and Android and will also launch on Oculus Quest later in the year. The VR Experience trailer can be seen here.


The movie follows a team of scientists investigating the source of an unknown paranormal anomaly, spreading across the globe. The center of the anomaly is in London and appears to be at Muse's stage. One of the scientists, known as Murphy touches the simulation theory arcade game and is electrocuted. He breaks the fabric of his reality and breaks into our own, standing alone out on the stage. He is soon pulled back, but shortly after is "bitten" by a phantom of a Muse Dancer. He then starts transforming into a monster after being infected by a mysterious pathogen. As his fellow researches try to stabilize his condition a woman in one of the muse dancer costumes appears. She informs them she is an NPC, serving the mainframe. Because of the tear in their reality, a virus has been released. And an entity known as the truth slayer is born. The scientists are given a look inside Murphy's head to see the construction of the Truth Slayer. We are given our first view of Matt Bellamy's character who is known as "The One" Meanwhile outside the media is breaking the news to the public that large Sections of London are being quarantined off from the public. The scientists call for immediate help with fumigation, NPC's arrive to spray out their infected numbers. Back in the lab the NPC suddenly takes control of the news broadcasts and puts words in their mouths. They deny the virus exists and state that "there is nothing to fear". The truth slayer breaks out of its containment, as the one enters a new reality. The One gains access to the mainframe and assimilates with it. Gaining the power of the glove. As the disinformation and chaos continues, the truth slayer arrives. But standing in it's way is the one. They have a climactic battle, with both using energy beams. In the end, The One prevails. The film ends with him being told he has saved this reality but there are more.

Director Lance Drake said that "the goal for Simulation Theory was to capture the scale of the electrifying live show and to expand upon its connection to the DNA of the world we built for the past three years in music videos for Muse. In a strange turn, the film’s alternate reality eerily started to mirror our own."

The film story is also be available in a comic book format, created by Marvel Comics which teamed up with the band. The comic is available to buy via the deluxe box set, accompanied with Marvel Comics' limited edition poster. (see Spread Gallery below for pictures)

TV Broadcast

Like the Drones World Tour film in 2019, this film is going to be broadcast on 3Sat, a German TV programme, on New Years Eve of 2020.[1]

Track listing

Cinema / Blu-Ray / Digital

  1. Algorithm (Alternate Reality Version shortened)
  2. Pressure (film edit)
  3. Drill Sergeant (robot voice) + Psycho
  4. Break It to Me
  5. Pray (shortened)
  6. The Dark Side
  7. Supermassive Black Hole
  8. Thought Contagion
  9. Uprising (extended)
  10. Propaganda (full band on B-stage)
  11. Madness
  12. The Void
  13. Dig Down (Acoustic Gospel Version)
  14. Mercy
  15. Take a Bow
  16. Prelude
  17. Starlight
  18. Algorithm
  19. Stockholm Syndrome (shortened)
  20. The Handler (shortened)
  21. Assassin (intro)
  22. New Born (shortened)


Side A

  1. Algorithm (Alternate Reality Version)
  2. Pressure (Film Edit)
  3. Break It to Me
  4. The Dark Side
  5. Thought Contagion
  6. Dig Down (Acoustic Gospel Version)

Side B

  1. Propaganda (Acoustic Version)
  2. Algorithm
  3. Metal Medley


Side A

Side B

Cast and Crew

  • Produced by - Jesse Lee Stout, Muse, Pulse Films
  • Executive Producers - Sam Bridger, Marisa Clifford, Thomas Benski, Isabel Davis
  • Editor - Jeremiah Mayhew
  • Post Production by - Frame 48
  • Executive Director - Tom Teller
  • Executive Producer - Julian Conner
  • Additional Music by - Matt Bellamy
  • Costume Designer/Stylist - Cristina Acevedo


  • Muse - Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme & Dom Howard
  • Additional Keyboards & Guitar - Morgan Nicholls

Concert Performers & Dancers

  • Andrea Bess, Brian Davis, Brianna Pavon, Emily Crouch, Judson Emery, Keanu Uchida, Kelly Dankbar, Lex Ishimoto, Nico Lonetree, Patrick Ellis, Savannah Harrison, Taylor Banks, Taylor Sieve, Ty Wells
  • Choreography - Andrew Winghart


  • Thomas Williams (V1 Anchor) - Paul Hamilton
  • Female Reporter - Thandi Puren
  • Hazmat Scientists - Niall Murphy, Kevin Glynn, James Elmes, Leyon Stolz-Hunter, Mark Pettiti
  • Murphy - Graham Butler
  • Infected NPC - Toby Cordes
  • NPC's - Coline Atterbury, Hannah Skyers, Sukhy Gill
  • Lead NPC - Sofia Greenacre
  • Assassin Girls - India Lillie Davies, Eloise Tasker, Georgia Hill
  • Reporter - Tim Lewis
  • Police Officer - Leyton Stolz-Hunter
  • Matt Bellamy Stand-in - David Hosie
  • Team Leader (Voice Overs) - Yonatan Elkayam
  • Hotline Boy - Rudy Pankow
  • Tour Dancers - Taylor Banks, Kelly Dankbar, Lex Ishimoto, Andrea Bess, Keanu Uchida

Voice Actors

  • Team Leader - Yonatan Elkayam
  • Murphy - Ian Salazar
  • Computer Tech - Kevin Logie
  • NPC - Hannah Whiteoak
  • Hotline Operator - Stephanie Kerbis


  • Live Producer - Jim Parsons
  • Line Producer - Amy Rattray
  • Narrative Producer - Emma Wellbelove
  • Live Performance Editor - Jamie Mac
  • Production Coordinator - Ellen Buddle
  • Script Supervisor - Melissa Wyatt
  • Runners - Rose Parsons, Matthew Serafini, Tracey Lopes

Narrative Production Team

  • 2nd Unit Directors - Jeremiah Mayhew & Tom Teller
  • 1st Assistant Director - Jonathan Sidwell
  • 2nd Assistant Director - Ato Yankey
  • Production Manager - Joshua Noon
  • Production Assistant - Esther Edusi

Concert Film Crew

  • Lighting Director - Stuart Pring
  • Camera Supervisor - Nick Wheeler
  • Camera Operators - Dom Jackson, Gareth Beeson, James Miller, James Tonkin, Jamie Carroll, John Clarke, Kevin French, Mike Forde, Paul Lucas, Jon Stutsman, Paul Mundrick, Ben Lowe, Willy Williams
  • Remote Operators - Matt Gladstone, Barnaby Fairfax
  • 1st Assistant Camera - Becky Bruce Lee, Chris Robertson, Jon Mitchell, Nick Crew, Ravi Kang, Warren Buckingham
  • 2nd Assistant Camera - Jaspar Gould-Davis, Johnny Rhodes
  • Dolly Grip - Rob Barlow
  • Technocrane Grips - Colin Brown
  • Head Technocrane Technician - Charlie Townsend
  • Technocrane Technicians - James Duffy, Alan Tabner, Paul Birchard
  • Vision Mixer - Richard Scollard
  • DIT - Azu Ekwukoma
  • Technical Manager - Daniel Studley
  • Guarantee Engineer - James Feasey
  • Cam Manager - Daniel Juba
  • Comms Engineer - James Whyard
  • RF Engineer - Jonathan Grilli
  • Camera Assistants - Alex Williams, Joe Beck, Nathan Waters, Will McNamara
  • Vision Engineers - James Ash, Steve Moakes
  • Riggers - Gary Oliver, Isoko Garcia, Kelvin Palmer, Mark Edwards, Maurice Newbury
  • Spidercam Camera Operator - Alan Wells
  • Spidercam Pilot - Daniel Delatron
  • Spidercam Technicians - Nick Bonner, James Woods
  • Spidercam Riggers - Gary McAhon, Dan Field, Mark McNicholas, Joe Callus, Brad Davies
  • Barriers - Kosta Chaperov, Lachezar Donev, George Smith
  • Platform Riggers - Thomas Watts, Jack Willis, Alesandra Murredu

Narrative Film Crew

  • Director Of Photography - David Wright
  • Focus Puller - Thomas Nicholson
  • 2nd Assistant Camera - Matt King
  • Steadicam Operator - Gary Kent
  • Camera Trainee - Kyle Rimmer
  • Sound Recordist - Emmanuelle Correani
  • Key Grip - Daniel Laviada
  • Gaffers - Lou Bouge, Shawn White
  • Electricians - Darren Pearson, Mac Woods, Ramzey Sabbagh, Will Horwell
  • Production Designer - Benny Casey
  • Props Buyer - Genevieve Stawski
  • Art Asistant - Sabela Pienado
  • Model Maker - Isla Campbell
  • Costume Designer - Molly Young
  • Wardrobe Assistant - Rhian Teasdale
  • Hair & Make-Up Artist - Brooke Lee
  • Hair & Make-Up Artist Assistant - Lucy Vic
  • Runners - Andy Pereira, Marcel Mytil, Max Holland
  • Catering was Delicious
  • Location Supplies - Get Set Hire

Pulse Films

  • Production Accountant - Ashleigh Lim, Sam Price
  • Legal & Business Affairs Manager - Anita Ngai

Post Production

  • VFX Supervisor - Tom Teller
  • Technical Director - Jeff Hodges
  • Post Producer - Julian Conner
  • Bidding Producer - Seth Josephson
  • VFX Editors - Emma Wang, Michael Shusterman
  • Intern - Enrique De La Garza
  • Lead Compositor - Philip Ballard
  • Compositors - Maryam Riahi, Mercedes Paulino, Artur Elson
  • CG Generalist - Ben Jannasch
  • Graphic Artist - Chrome & Lighting
  • Supervising Sound Editor - Gerry Vasquez
  • Sound Designer - Gerry Vasquez
  • Post Production Mix Facility - Monkeyland Audio, Inc.
  • Foley & Services By - Aura Sound & Color
  • ADR Mixer - Sam Lewis
  • Supervising Foley Editor - Sam Lewis
  • Foley Artists - Nick Feil, Ellen Heuer
  • Voice Casting - Stephanie Kerbis
  • Color By - Company 3
  • Colorist - Bryan Smaller
  • Finishing Producer - Erik Rodgers
  • Image Scientsists - Dr. John Quartell & Emily Faw
  • Technologist - Mike Chiado
  • Color Assistant - Michael Ochoa
  • Data I/O - Angella Szynkowski & Aaron Maxey
  • Co3 President - Stefan Sonnenfeld
  • Pulse Films Post Production - Omar Allouji, Dominic Beeput
  • Archive Material - Shutterstock

Simulation Theory Tour Crew

  • Production Manager - George Reeves
  • Assistant Tour Manager - Kara Paulus
  • Performer Tour Manager - Nickie Pollacek
  • Lighting Designer/Programmers - Sooner Routhier & Aaron Luke
  • Stage Manager - Guy Hobosha
  • Backline Crew Chief/Programmer - Gavin Ellis
  • Guitar Tech - Chris Whitemyer
  • Bass Tech - Jon Ashworth
  • Drum Tech - Jeremy Berman
  • B-Stage Tech - Jim King
  • Production Coordinator - Carmen Rodriguez
  • Video Crew Chief - Sean Harper
  • Security - Martin Conlon, Michael Robinson
  • Show Caller - Stuart Tucker, Loreen Domijah
  • Head Wardrobe Mistress - Karen Nicholson
  • Wardrobe - Clare Pegg, Maureen Thompson, Margot Rada, Kristen Weller
  • Audio Tech Crew - Eddie O'Brien, Joachim Dewulf, Matt Besford-Foster, Boden Birkett, Dan Thomas, Adam Dickson, Craig Burns
  • Head Rigger - Willy Williams
  • Rigger - Alberto Pozzetti
  • Carpenter Crew Chief - Joe Pollacek
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  • Automation Crew Chief - Robin Henry
  • Automation Crew - Louis-Charless Poudrette, Dwayne Diaz
  • Lighting Crew Chief - Seth Conlin
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  • Steadicam Operator - Dave Liebling
  • Laser/FX Crew Chief - Miles Baldwin
  • Laser/FX 3 - Corey Newton
  • Laser Programmer - Ross Marshall
  • SFX - Asher Heigham, Dannie Madsen, Natalie Frew, Amy Stein
  • SFX Temp - Josh Hughes
  • Head Electrician - Paul Traynor
  • Electricians - Mick McGillion, Matt Murphy, Neil Whybrow
  • Artist Chef - Peter Bailey
  • Catering Crew Chef - Stuart Jackson
  • Caterers - Tanya Collyer, Mark Goodall, David Lesh, Chris Carter, Hannah West, Isobel Kennan, Sarah Birnie, Liv Sondergaard, Susanne Traynor, Noah Hyman, Yasmine Read
  • Physio - Kate Reeves
  • Merch Rep - Brian Warner, James Evans
  • Enchanced Experience - Emily West, Jordan Jay, Tyler McKee
  • Management - Q Prime Inc.
  • Business Management - Skeet, Kaye, Hopkins

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