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Invincible video
Muse video
Name Invincible
Album/single Invincible DVD (3), Invincible promo DVD (1)
Length 4:37
Initial air date 16th March 2007
Filming Location
Director Jonnie Ross[1]
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The video was premiered on Channel 4 on the 16th March at 23:50 UTC.[2]

The video starts by showing the band in a boat, going through a "It's a Small World" or "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"-like ride that appears to go through the history of the world; starting the stone-age, the band moves on through various wars and notable events in history. The animation style is said to resemble Lego-block people and flat, cardboard or wooden creatures. Near the end, all of the events run together, and an apparent end of the word scenario begins around them including numerous yellow twisters, giant robotic teddy bears with multiple rows of teeth destroying buildings and UFO's swarming the city, with the humans fighting back. The video ends with a shot of a caveman and woman looking to themselves and the band on their boat riding out of the other end of the tunnel and the massive brightly-colored door closing behind them.


  • The parts of the ride the band went through are: Stone age - Ancient Egypt - Ancient Rome - Viking age - Industrial age - World War II - Present time - Present time in chaos - aftermath
  • The video uses the radio edit version of Invincible.
  • The Statue of Liberty can be seen on the background 4.11 into the video.
  • The aliens that can be seen near the end of the video are pink, blue and royal blue with yellow dots


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