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Muse video
Name Algorithm
Album/single Simulation Theory
Length 4:40
Initial air date 9th November 2018
Filming Location Unknown
Director Lance Drake, Tom Teller
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Another video featuring Terry Crews.

It starts off with Crews working out and preparing to "break the code". He proceeds and takes a Gritter (first seen in the Pressure music video) out of the cage to take a sample of its purple blood/inner fluid and study its DNA.

After that, he builds himself a warp machine through which he can escape to the other reality (which can also be seen in The Dark Side music video with Matt driving through it).

Once the machine is set up, he takes a motorbike and drives into the warp. Once he gets through, he goes to the "Simulation Theory" arcade machine playing videos of Matt, Chris and Dom performing on their instruments - first seen in the Dig Down music video - as game characters. He is seen desperately trying to beat the game, but is unsuccesful at doing so, so he removes the plug from the machine which deletes the other reality, leaving Crews alone with nothing but white light surrounding him.

Algorithm Screenshots


  • Starring Terry Crews
  • Directors: Lance Drake, Tom Teller
  • Producer: Jason Baum
  • Production Company:
  • EP: Jerad Anderson and Seb Webber
  • Director of Photography: Nicholas Wiesnet
  • Production Designer: Ethan Feldbau
  • Editor: Jeremiah Mayhew
  • Wardrobe Stylist: Tatiana Valentin
  • Post Production and Visual FX: Frame 48
  • Executive Director: Tom Teller
  • Executive Producer: Julian Conner
  • Creative Producer: Seth Josephson
  • Colorist: Bryan Smaller at Company 3
  • Sound: Young Thor at Unbridled Sound