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Chronology of Muse

  • This page is a work in progress*

This is a full timeline of Muse, from the formation of the band, up until pesent day.

Muse Eras

Early Days: <1994 - 1998

  • 1977/12/07 - Dominic James Howard is born on the 7th of December, 1977. In Stockport, England.
  • 1978/06/09 - Matthew James Bellamy is born on the 9th of June, 1978. In Cambridge, England.
  • 1978/12/02 - Christopher Tony Wolstenholme is born on the 2nd of December, 1978. In Rotherham, England
  • 1991/06/14 At the age of twelve, Matt Bellamy is recorded playing piano at his school talent show. This is the earliest recorded footage of any member of Muse.
  • 1994/11/26 - Muse play at the Torquay English Riviera Centre for a battle of the bands competition. This is the earliest live recording of Muse.
  • 1998/05/11 - The first official Muse realease, The Muse EP is published on the 11th of May, 1998. Containing 4 tracks recorded at Sawmills Studios.

Showbiz: 1999 - 2000

  • 1999/01/11 - It is unclear when the Showbiz era should start exactly, but we are taking the Leicester gig, the first gig of 1999, as first show of that era.
  • 1999/05/15 - The recording process of Showbiz is complete.
  • 1999/07/14 - Muse release their first single, Uno
  • 1999/09/06 - Cave single is released.
  • 1999/09/07 - First Showbiz release, in France.
  • 1999/09/28 - Showbiz released in USA.
  • 1999/10/04 - Showbiz released worldwide.
  • 2000/02/21 - Sunburn single is released.
  • 2000/06/05 - The last single from Showbiz, Unintended is released.

Origin of Symmetry / Hullabaloo: 2001 - 2002

  • 2001/03/05 - First single from Origin of Symmetry is released, Plug in Baby.
  • 2001/08/28 - Cancelled Origin of Symmetry release in USA, postponed to 2005.
  • 2002/07/01 - The Hullabaloo Soundtrack compilation CD, live CD and live DVD Is released. Containing a live album and a collection of various B-sides.

Absolution: 2003 - 2005

  • 2003/09/28 - Absolution was released in Great Britain and Australia.
  • 2004/03/23 - Absolution released in USA.
  • 2004/06/27 - Muse headline the legendary Glastonbury Festival on the 27th of june, 2004. Matt bellamy performed the Gllastonbury Shuffle and wore the now iconic lab coat. Dominic Howard's father, William , tragically died of a heart attack.
  • 2005/07/02 - Muse play the last gig of the Absolution era, at the multicontinental Live 8 event. This is the end of the Absolution era.

Black Holes and Revelations / H.A.A.R.P: 2006 - 2008

  • 2006/07/03 - Black Holes and Revelations released in Great Britain.
  • 2006/07/07 - Release of Black Holes and Revelations in Australia.
  • 2006/07/11 - Black Holes and Revelations released in USA.
  • 2007/06/16 - The first of two historic shows At London's Wembley Stadium are played. this night was Muses first stadium show and was featured on the H.A.A.R.P live album
  • 2007/06/17 - The second night of the Wembley shows is filmed for later DVD release again on the H.A.A.R.P live album.
  • 2008/03/17 - The H.A.A.R.P CD/DVD combo album is released in the UK.

The Resistance: 2009 - 2011

  • 2009/07/13 - The United States of Eurasia microsite is launched alongside the new Muse official website, Launching a six stage alternate reality game.
  • 2009/08/03 - The first single from The Resistance, Uprising was aired by BBC 1 Radio on the 3rd of August at 19:30. It was avaible for download the next day.
  • 2009/09/04 - Muse play the first of the Resistance Tour, and the first gig in their hometown since 1995, at The Den in Teignmouth. The show was recorded and aired on BBC 1.

The 2nd Law: 2012 - 2014

  • 2012/06/06 - Muse uploaded an album preview video (showing 2 minutes of Unsustainable) promoting the upcoming new album, The 2nd Law. Indicates the beginning of the new era.
  • 2012/06/27 - Muse realease the first single of The 2nd Law era, and the official theme song of the 2012 olympics, Survival. On June 27th 2012.
  • 2014/10/03 - On October 3rd, 2014 Muse begin recording their 6th studio album, Drones In Vancouver BC. This is the official end of The 2nd Law era.

Drones: 2015 - 2018

  • 2015/03/12 - The first single from Drones, Psycho is realeased digitally. With an accompanying lyric video.
  • 2015/03/15 - Muse Play their first live performance of the Drones era, and the first gig of the Psycho UK Tour at the Ulster Hall in Belfast. The song Reapers is debuted as the set closer.
  • 2015/03/23 - The first official single from Drones, Dead Inside, is unveiled March 23rd, 2015 on XFM, and BBC Radio 1. With an accompanying music video.
  • 2015/06/08 - Drones was released worldwide.
  • 2018/02/15 - The second single from Simulation Theory, Thought Contagion is realeased digitally, Eight months after the realease of Dig Down. The songs music video is reminiscent of the Thriller music video, by Michael Jackson.
  • 2018/06/23 - Last show of the Drones era, at Rock In Rio Lisboa. This made the Drones Era the longest of all, with 41 months.
  • 2018/07/12 - Drones World Tour is realeased in cinema's worldwide for one night only. The film chronicles four shows on the Drones 360 Tour. This is the last piece of Drones related material realeased.

Simulation Theory: 2018 - Present

  • 2019/01/09 - On the 9th of January Muse record and release the EP Spotify Singles, exclusively on Spotify. It contains two recorded at Air Studios in London Including a cover of Duran Duran's Hungry Like the Wolf.
  • 2019/09/14/15 - Back to back shows are played at London’s O2 arena they will be recorded for a film documenting the tour. with a release the next year

Other facts

  • The shortest during Era was the Origin of Symmetry one, lasting 19 months, and the longest was the Drones one, lasting 41 months.
  • There are only 4 songs (only 2 by now if we don't include the metal medley*) that had been performed live in all of the eras (excluding the early days), all of them from Origin of Symmetry. These are; New Born*, Bliss, Plug in Baby (this is the most played song live, it could even appeared in the early days), and... unexpectedly, Micro Cuts*. However, if there is an "Origin of Symmetry 20th Anniversary" gig in 2021 (like Bellamy stated in one interview), Feeling Good will join the list too.