Hyper Chondriac Music (song)

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Muse song
Name Hyper Chondriac Music
Album/single Bliss CD2 (2), Hullabaloo Soundtrack (10)
Length 5:29
Alternative titles -
First live performance 19th December 2004 (partial—outro)
Latest live performance 17th November 2007 (partial)
Recorded The Dairy, June 2001
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer Paul Reeve



A slow song based on Hyper Music, featuring almost identical lyrics, the last line in Hyper Music reads "I don't want you and I never will", while this song contains "I don't love you and I never will".

Has never been attempted live in full, though various riffs from the song have made an appearance at the sporadic show during the Black Holes and Revelations tour as well as Earls Court 2004.

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Golden lies feed my role

This forgotten space race under my control Who’s returned from the dead? Who remains?

You wanted more than I was worth And you think I was scared, yeah And you needed proof Who really cares anymore? Who restrains?

I don’t love you and I never did I don’t love you and I never will

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