Connect The Kettle Lead (song)

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Muse song
Name Connect The Kettle Lead
Album/single Origin of Muse (box set)
Length 2:25
Alternative titles -
First live performance Unknown
Latest live performance Unknown
Recorded January 1997
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer Unknown
Chart position Unknown


This was, until the release of Origin of Muse in 2019, an unreleased and publicly unheard song. The song was recorded as a part of the Newton Abbot demo sessions.

Additional Information

The song is played at a fast tempo of about 175 BPM and is in the same vein of early heavy songs such as Agitated and Crazy Days. Of that category of songs, this one especially displays the strong influence of Rage Against The Machine on Muse since the chorus riff of this song is similar to the "Bullet in the Head" riff. The feel of the song switches repeatedly from normal time to half time throughout the duration.


Please don't ask him if he's feeling sick

He's just hooking from another heart And he wanted you to know

Gather Gotta to, gotta to, got to (x3) Gather

Do you think how he is worth much? A kiss may be a gentle touch, yeah Cause I wanted you to know

Gather Gotta to, gotta to, gotta to (x3) Gather

Gather Gotta to, gotta to, gotta to (x7) Gather