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Muse song
Name Minimum
Length 2:43
Alternative titles -
First live performance 24th November 1999
Latest live performance 15th August 2002
Recorded 1999, The Airfield Studios
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer Paul Reeve



Instrumental using whammy, a telephone and distortion.

Additional information

Played a lot during the 2000 tour.


While believed to have only been played once outside of 2000, Minimum was played very often throughout the year. Minimum was often played as the second last song on the setlists, before Showbiz closed the show. The song made only the occasional appearance between January and April before being played at nearly every gig between May and July. After the Summer Sonic gigs in early August, the song did not make an appearance for the remainder of the tour. Minimum was played the second-most out of any Showbiz B-side during 2000.

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At 2:31, a telephone can be heard ringing.

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