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CD cover art
Vinyl cover art
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Live at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards single
Muse single
Name Uprising
Tracks 2
Total length
  • 9:02 (CD), 8:26 (vinyl) »
  • 5:02 (download)
Recorded Lake Como and Milan, 2009
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer Muse[1]
Art work Dan Abbott / Storm Thorgerson
Publisher Warner, A&E Records, Helium 3
Format(s) CD, vinyl, download
Catalogue №
  • WEA458CD (CD), WEA458 (vinyl) »
  • PR017302 (promo CD)
Release date 4th August (download), 7th September 2009
Chart position
  • 9 (UK)[2] »
  • 11 (Ireland)
  • 1 (US Billboard Alternative)
  • 2 (US Billboard Rock)
  • 37 (US Billboard Hot 100)
  • 12 (Japan Hot 100)
  • 17 (European Hot 100)
  • 28 (Canadian Hot 100)
  • 23 (Australia)
  • 12 (New Zealand)
Album The Resistance
single chronology
United States of Eurasia
Undisclosed Desires


Uprising is the first single release from The Resistance[3] and was first aired on the 3rd of August at 19:30, by BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe.[4] The single was released to download from 4th August 2009[5] and was released on physical formats (CD and Vinyl) on 7th September 2009.


The single was announced on the 14th of July, through musewire and the official Muse website.[3][6] Promotional copies had arrived at radio stations on the 20th.[7] BBC Radio 1 DJ, Huw Stephens—then standing in for Zane Lowe—was first to claim first-air privileges, erroneously stating that this would be on the 8th of August.[8] This claim was cast into doubt on the 26th, when a member of Muselive noticed that 3VOOR12 had claimed on the 24th to be airing "Uprising" on the 3rd.[9][10] Further doubt arose with the finding that Californian radio station Live 105 had also claimed to be playing "Uprising" on the 3rd, though Live 105's claim had been made earlier, on the 20th.[7] Zane Lowe clarified on the 27th that he would air "Uprising" first, on the 3rdat 19:30 BST.[4] He aired a 30-second teaser the following day at 20:00.[11][12]

Uprising was inadvertently released on the 2nd of August (BST), when New Zealand download website "incorrectly" made it available[13] ahead of its scheduled New Zealand release date, the 5th of August. No explanation for the mistake has been given.[14]

"United States of Eurasia" had previously been thought to be the first single, after Muselive assumed that due to a Dutch radio station having been given a promotional copy thereof, it was to be. This was shown false with the official "Uprising" announcement.[3][6]

The first editions of the promo CD came in a rubber coated sleeve, and later copies came in a just a card sleeve.

Track list


  1. Uprising – 5:02
  2. Uprising (Does It Offend You Yeah? Mix) – 4:00


  1. Uprising – 5:02
  2. Who Knows Who – 3:24


  1. Uprising – 5:02
  2. Uprising (Does It Offend You Yeah? Mix) – 4:00
  3. Uprising (Live from Teignmouth) – 5:37

iTunes EP

  1. Uprising (Does It Offend You Yeah? Mix) – 4:00
  2. Uprising (Live from Teignmouth) – 5:37
  3. Undisclosed Desires (Thin White Duke Remix) – 7:40

Live at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards single

  1. Uprising (Live at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards)

Promos CDs

  1. Uprising (Radio Edit) – 4:14

US Promo CD-Rs

  1. Uprising (Edit) – 3:35

US Promo CD-R (January 2010)

  1. Uprising (Edit) – 4:08

US Promo CD-R (2 Tracks)

HK promo CD-R

  1. Intro – 0:40
  2. Uprising (Radio Edit) – 4:14

Uprising gallery

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