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These may be included within set-lists by using various templates, which are listed here.

Hangar 18

Riff or jam
Name Hangar 18
Artist Megadeth
Writer/composer David Ellefson, Marty Friedman, Nick Menza, Dave Mustaine
Appearance 12th April 2008, 3rd April 2010


An instrumental piece of the song was played for the first time at London Royal Albert Hall, before "Stockholm Syndrome".


Riff or jam
Name Headup
Artist Deftones
Writer/composer Max Cavalera, Chino Moreno
Appearance 12th April 2008 - 12th June 2015


An instrumental segment was first played as an outro to "New Born" for the 2008 Royal Albert Hall gig and then later at Rock in Rio 2008. It has also been used as an outro to New Born since the US leg of The Resistance tour right through The 2nd Law Tour. It made a return in the Drones Tour at Megaland.


Riff or jam
Name Heartbreaker
Artist Led Zeppelin
Writer/composer John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant
Appearance 2004–2010


Sometimes played before Butterflies & Hurricanes or Time Is Running Out, such as at Glastonbury Festival 2004. [watch].

A similar riff was included in the collaborative song "Who Knows Who" with The Streets, which may have replaced the "Heartbreaker" riff in set lists.

Helsinki Jam

Riff or jam
Name Helsinki Jam/Glasgow Jam
Artist Original
Writer/composer Muse
Appearance 22nd October 200928th August 2011

Dubbed by the fans after its first appearance on the first gig of The Resistance tour in Helsinki, the jam was a reoccurring drum and bass jam on The Resistance tour. It is slightly similar to Osaka Jam and is often played before Undisclosed Desires.

During the jam, Christopher Wolstenholme stood on Dominic Howard's rising, spinning podium of the three-towered stage design.[1] For the 9th November gig at the SECC in Glasgow, Howard and Wolstenholme were joined by a kilted bagpiper, named Count Taylor, who was standing on another of the podiums, playing an additional part. A pro-shot video of the performance was released by Muse as a Christmas present, and given the title of Glasgow Jam.

The jam is notable as the Warner/Chappell Music song catalogue adopted the fan given "Helsinki Jam" as the official title.

How I Could Just Kill a Man

Riff or jam
Name How I Could Just Kill a Man
Artist Rage Against the Machine
Writer/composer Cypress Hill
Appearance 8th April 2001


Played at Nottingham Rock City in 2001.

I Want to Break Free

Riff or jam
Name I Want to Break Free
Artist Queen
Writer/composer John Deacon
Appearance 7th June 200616th July 2008


Occasionally played before "Knights of Cydonia"

The "Knights of Cydonia" music video pays tribute to the video of "I Want to Break Free", with Matthew Bellamy's arm gestures echoing those of Freddie Mercury.

Jimmy Jam

Riff or jam
Name Jimmy Jam
Artist Original
Writer/composer Muse
Appearance 2001–2011


Occasionally played before or after "Cave" during Origin of Symmetry tour (eg. Saint-Malo Route du Rock 2001 [watch]) and more often during the Black Holes and Revelations tour before "Time Is Running Out", with more improvisation than before (eg. Seattle KeyArena 2007 [watch]). In the beginning of the Black Holes and Revelations tour, it was occasionally played before "Starlight" as well, but in a lower key (eg. Reading 2006 [watch]). On 5th July 2010 it was played as an outro to "Time Is Running Out" at the band´s premiere in the Czech Republic, during Rock For People Festival.

The name is probably due to similarity of its bassline to that of "Jimmy Kane." The main riff is also very similar to one in Jimi Hendrix's "Fire." This piece is listed as "Improv" in the H.A.A.R.P. track list.

Kaoss Jam

Riff or jam
Name Kaoss Jam
Artist Original
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Appearance 2006–2007, 2010, 30th July 2011


An instrumental jam making heavy use of the Kaoss Pad, played at a few gigs in 2006 and 2007. A newer Kaoss Jam was used at a number of festival gigs in 2010, introducing Supermassive Black Hole, and first debuting at Werchter.

Killing in the Name

Riff or jam
Name Killing in the Name
Artist Rage Against the Machine
Writer/composer Tom Morello
Appearance 2006, 2010


Killing in the Name is a song written by alternative metal band Rage Against the Machine, one of Muse's strongest influences. It appears on their 1992 eponymous début album.

The main riff was played live by Muse during the Black Holes and Revelations European tour.

Laura Palmer's Theme

Riff or jam
Name Laura Palmer's Theme
Artist Twin Peaks
Writer/composer Angelo Badalamenti
Appearance Autumn 2006


A piano interlude occasionally played before "Sunburn" during Autumn 2006 such as at Nashville War Memorial Auditorium.

Matthew Bellamy played the tune due to his love of Twin Peaks. During the Autumn 2006 tour of U.S.A. Muse watched DVDs of Twin Peaks on the tour bus. It was around this time that Bellamy used the music of 'Laura Palmer's Theme' as a piano interlude before Sunburn. The original can be heard here.

Maggie's Farm

Riff or jam
Name Maggie's Farm
Artist Bob Dylan and Rage Against the Machine
Writer/composer Bob Dylan
Appearance 2003–2010, 30th July 2011


Maggie's Farm was used as an instrumental by Muse during the Absolution tour, and was later a staple outro for "Map of the Problematique". Watch it here, played during Wembley 2006.

Man with a Harmonica

Riff or jam
Name Man with a Harmonica
Artist Ennio Morricone
Writer/composer Ennio Morricone
Appearance 13th August 2008 - current


Originally appeared on the soundtrack for Once Upon a Time in the West. First played at Dublin's Marlay Park in August 2008 as an intro to "Knights of Cydonia". Christopher Wolstenholme plays the harmonica part, with Matthew Bellamy playing the guitar part.

Microphone Fiend

Riff or jam
Name Microphone Fiend
Artist Rage Against the Machine
Writer/composer Eric B and Rakim
Appearance 26th May 2007, 11th April 2010, 5th July 2010


Microphone Fiend was used as an instrumental riff after "New Born" on the Black Holes and Revelations tour since Esch-Alzette Rockhal 2007. After Pinkpop 2007 the "Ashamed" outro was also played after the Microphone Fiend riff.


Riff or jam
Name Misirlou
Artist (popularized by) Dick Dale and His Del-Tones
Writer/composer Ancient Mediterranean region
Appearance 9th August 2007


Misirlou was played once at the Fairfax Patriot Center in 2007, before Man of Mystery.

MK Jam

Riff or jam
Name MK Jam
Artist Original
Writer/composer Muse
Appearance 2nd June 201011th October 2010


MK Jam was first rehearsed at the Milton Keynes Bowl before the stadium leg of The Resistance tour. It was initially dubbed the MK Jam but is also referred to as the Wankdorf Jam, due to its public début inside the Wankdorf Stadium. It was played before Undisclosed Desires in a similar way that Helsinki Jam was being played. The jam was played by Dominic Howard and Christopher Wolstenholme only. It has got a disco-ey, metallic beat and a smooth bass-line.

My Own Summer (Shove It)

Riff or jam
Name My Own Summer (Shove It)
Artist Deftones
Writer/composer Deftones
Appearance 28th September 2010, 30th July 2011, 28th August 2011


Negative Creep

Riff or jam
Name Negative Creep
Artist Nirvana
Writer/composer Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic
Appearance 17th December 2006 - 19th April 2014


Ocean Étude Op. 25, № 12

Riff or jam
Name Ocean Étude Op. 25, № 12
Artist Frédéric Chopin
Writer/composer Frédéric Chopin
Appearance 11th August 2001


Osaka Jam

Riff or jam
Name Drum and Bass
Artist Original
Writer/composer Muse
Appearance 16th May 2000 (early version)–17th August 2008


Also dubbed by fans as "Osaka Jam" because of a sound-check video played before an Osaka gig (Club Quattro 2004), this jam has a similar sound to the "Futurism" bass-line. The first known play of an early version of this jam was on the 16th of May 2000. It was played during technical difficulties in the past. At the Royal Albert Hall 2008 TCT gig, it was played whilst Matthew Bellamy returned from the organ after "Megalomania", who joined Wolstenholme and Howard for the last part of the jam.

Since Arena Monterrey 2008, it has appeared on set lists as "Bass Jam" or "Drum and Bass"[2] and appeared on set-lists at most gigs in 2008.


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