Tom Morello

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Bald-headed, well known guitarist of the bands Audioslave and Rage Against The Machine.

He has always been the most significant of Matt Bellamy's influences, with RATM being Matt's favourite band ever.

Morello has actually complimented Bellamy on a couple of occasions. In one guitar magazine interview he stated that Matt was one of only two modern guitarists that he found remotely interesting and creative.

Most recently in Kerrang magazine (Issue #1123, Sept 2nd, 06) Morello listed a number of songs that he loved. One of these was Muse's "Invincible".

On Tom Morrello's and Serj Tankian's Axis of Justice Radio Program (#22 part I) Tom stated before playing Invincible that Black Holes and Revelations was his favorite rock record of the year.

On March 6th 2010 Morello tweeted

"Many ask me about Muse. I love em. Super talented and rocking. Singular band and their grasp is the equal of their ambition, very rare."

During the Simulation Theory Tour he supported Muse at the stadium shows in England. On the last UK summer gig in Manchester, he also joined Matt on stage for the Break It to Me solo.